Dispensa Milano: The Home of Italian Food and Wine Excellence

Dispensa Milano, the store at Corso Venezia 29 in the heart of the Lombard capital that opened last year, has become a point of reference for those who seek to buy the very best, thanks to its range of premium Italian food and wine products.

In the large 350-square-meter store designed by architect Francesco Marescotti, whose contemporary design is inspired by the luxury stores that characterize the Quadrilatero della moda, there is space for fresh products, such as meat, cold cuts and cheeses, and several corners dedicated to specific foods, including pasta, tuna, spices, oil, preserves, sweets, chocolate, coffee and tea, from every region of Italy and even from other countries.

The Wine Cellar at Dispensa Milano

Equally interesting is the small but well-maintained wine cellar, which provides customers with a fine selection of wines, champagnes, super spirits and ready-to-drink drinks. Some of these products are the result of the study and research of chefs from award-winning restaurants.

Thanks to the acquisition of the brand by Bella Dispensa, a company that is part of the Zamaz Group, which is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange, the online relaunch project is taking shape, which includes, in addition to promotional and customer loyalty campaigns, the activation of the new e-commerce section of the site.

The identity of Dispensa Milano, moreover, will also be articulated through a rich calendar of food and wine events whose protagonists will be good food and good drink, which will make this neighborhood store a place of aggregation and conviviality, making the Corso Venezia store’s bond with the city of Milan even stronger.

Dispensa Milano Delivery

Dispensa Milano also offers a range of ready meals cooked daily by its deli department. These can be consumed not only within the store’s spaces, but, through the use of containers suitable both for the oven or microwave as well as for storage in the freezer, they are available both for take-away and for delivery, the latter of which can be used for the city of Milan on the website dispensamilano.it and on Cosaporto.

Among the products on the shelves, Riserva San Massimo’s Carnaroli rice, Menaica anchovies, Danieli’s whole-wheat taralli, Cavalieri spaghetti, Tamìa olive oil, Inserbo’s schiacciata di pomodori datterini, Armatore’s colatura di alici, Fish Different’s rustic fillet of sardines and Savosardo’s savoiardi are definitely worth mentioning.

The Format and Events for Italian Food and Wine Products

The format, which is constantly evolving with regards to research and product selection, has ambitious goals: the development of stores both nationally and internationally and the use of an innovative communication method, conveyed both offline through ad hoc events and online with the creation of video recipes made with Dispensa Milano products. In this way, the brand also takes on a connotation of an editorial nature and becomes the virtual place where the best referenced products can be discovered every week.

During the holiday season in Dispensa Milano the artisanal panettoni cakes of Cipriani Food and chefs Carlo Cracco and Luca Marchini were a great success. Cracco himself was the undisputed protagonist, in the Corso Venezia store, of an event-tasting of his panettone. This was the first in a series of events that throughout 2023 will involve major personalities and companies from the world of high quality Italian food.

Dispensa Milano

Dispensa Milano: The Home of Italian Food and Wine Excellence

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