Doimo Cucine All-arounD: all the novelties for 2023

A kitchen as special as the home it inhabits. One of the most important rooms of the home should be a reflection of the people that use it and the ambiance that surrounds it – a place where passion and creativity become an intimate living space.

A Kitchen Design Made to Feed Your Soul

Doimo Cucine’s proposal continues with its clear Made to Feed Your Soul identity, which in the coming months will take shape in an articulated catalog. In it each composition will be a style cue, a suggestion or a provocation always, however, within the All-arounD system.

Transversal and customizable, it requires the initial choice of door type, available in the four Aspen, D12, D20 and D23 variants, opening system and finish. After that, maximum design freedom is the order of the day. All-arounD leaves room for the design of the room that most reflects the personality of the person living it. Each composition demonstrates the company’s ability to turn imagination into reality. From product to project thanks to the craftsmanship of yesteryear that today is accompanied by technological precision.  

Doimo Cucine All-arounD 02-D23 + D12

Among the most interesting novelties is the composition 02 – D23 in combination with D12 in perfect balance between essentiality and practicality. Large spaces, endless glass windows and minimal frames, a few elements with important volumes, repositories of every comfort to live the kitchen, flanked by capable columns that create movement with contrasts of depth and finishes complemented by the lightness of a boiserie. A harmonious combination of solutions to convey a feeling of serenity.

The volume of the kitchen block has essential lines that stand out bold but not imperious, in Fenix NTM® Jaipur Red, with a velvety tactile feel, for a cooktop with convenient touch controls on either side of the island.

The purity of the composition manifests itself in details of understated elegance. Like the side of the 45°-split snack top that exhibits a refined MDi Syros finish and retains inwardly its wooden essence core. Or like the columns interrupted by the paneling that dress oversized doors to facilitate grip and accommodate convenient lights.

Minimalist Nordic-style architecture outlines a large kitchen design space overlooking a garden. The same happens inside, with easy-to-use volumes: capable columns, double washing station and cooking block that can be used from both sides.

Doimo Cucine

Doimo Cucine All-arounD: all the novelties for 2023

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