Dolcefarniente: Summer Living Sublime


An idea of luxury barely whispered, an emblem of refinement and beauty evident but never ostentatious, to live in the sunlight, caressed by the gentle spring breeze, this is the outdoor furniture designed by Dolcefarniente, exclusive brand of DFN Outdoor Luxury.

A seductive design, rich in fine details, this collection is the repository of knowledge and experience gained in 30 years of history, and experience creating quality and timeless pieces that can be immersed in the contemporary world without being subject to the latest trends.

The symbol of the brand is the Sublime Collection designed by Bebo&Angel, a series of furnishings with a glamorous soul that project the imagination towards moments of quiet, silence, and tranquillity.

The collection, composed of outdoor living accessories, lamps, and dining furniture, creates rarefied and dreamy atmospheres, painting scenarios of innate elegance and naturalness.

Sunrise is one of the collection’s leading lines. Consisting of an armchair, sofa, small dining armchair, and side table, it encapsulates the essence of this line of furniture in the combination of a slender, thin structure made from flat section iron and soft, with plush comfortable cushions.

The line is rounded, the shape sinuous, the elements born from the pen of the designers are completely devoid of edges to recall an informal and inviting use. Each piece brings with it the luxury of unusual details and finishes, with precious coatings used for the steel in a sophisticated range of colors: gold, bronze, champagne, precious sand with metallic and pearlescent effects. The tops of the tables and backs of the dining armchair in the gemstone version are made from semi-precious stones, combined with natural stones, petrified wood, and petrified materials to create solid, elegant surfaces and striking designs. The fabrics used to dress the collection have been designed ad hoc. There are three different jacquard proposals rigorously made with outdoor fabrics in many bright and sophisticated colors. Precious details in gold and chrome complete the items for a glamorous look.

Shining through in Dolcefarniente’s outdoor dining is the Twilight dining table. The characteristic of this line is its structure made of synthetic resin expertly woven by hand. The synthetic resin webbing creates geometric weaves in two variants, one and two-tone. This results in full and strongly tactile textures, capable of creating suggestive designs that cover the structures like a fabric. The colors of the resins selected for the collection are characterized by a pearlescent effect when hit by the rays of the sun, highlighting resins’ rich and precious texture. The lines are rounded and create sinuous and modern shapes that fit into environments with naturalness and harmony. The gemstone top, with its ethereal and perturbing reflections, further enhances the table.

Turning to lighting, the Aurora outdoor lamp gives a unique touch of style to an open-air living room. There are two models of imposing and scenic lamps, available in different sizes, which provide an evocative light enclosed in a highly decorative shape. One model, available in three different sizes, is inspired by and emphasizes the value of time by recalling the shape of an hourglass, while the other, more dynamic, is chalice-shaped. The diamond-shaped interweaving of the synthetic resin webbing leaves open spaces from which light comes out, creating refined reflections. To embellish the entire piece, gold decorations give each piece a sophisticated soul.

Dolcefarniente: Summer Living Sublime

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