The Seductive Essence of Nature’s Textural Soul

A tribute to nature, in its purity and essence: the new DOM Edizioni collection focuses on the singularity of material furnishings, thanks to natural woods, linens, wools and cottons selected from the best references of Loro Piana Interiors.

DOM Edizioni and Loro Piana Interiors

Craftsmanship care for the product, taste for timeless elegance, respect for the raw material, and love for natural fibers are in fact the values that unite DOM Edizioni and Loro Piana Interiors and are reflected in the new collection.

With a strongly textural soul, these pieces highlight the seductive irregularity of raw material furnishings instead of hiding them. The uniqueness, roughness, and even imperfections of the material are enhanced as assets.

There are two souls of DOM Edizioni: the Iconic Collection, with a contemporary soul, characterized by elegant shapes and fine materials, dark woods, marbles, and refined metal details; and the Riviera Collection, a fresh and sunny line of furniture, distinguished by light-colored fabrics and woods, which speaks of summer 365 days a year and evokes to itself la dolce vita, a pleasant and carefree lifestyle.

New additions to DOM Edizioni’s Iconic collection include the Doem sofa, which expands the furniture family of the same name, and the Stone pouf, inspired by the natural beauty of rocks.

The Riviera Collection, on the other hand, presents the modern and essential design of the Monterey sofa; the Macaron pouf that is fun and delightful; the Saint Tropez table with its clean lines; the Marina chair that is versatile and essential; the Croisette armchair with its slender wooden frame; and the Ludo coffee table that is playful and ironic.


With sinuous lines and great modularity, Doem is a sofa that welcomes. Its open form is an embrace that beckons people to sit down to feel good together. Defining the surrounding space, it invites relaxation to the fullest, – a place to have conversations, and share moments, ideas, and inspirations. Doem is offered with a soft bouclé upholstery of wool, cotton, and linen from Loro Piana Interiors.


Inspired by the natural beauty of rocks, the collection expands with the Stone pouf with a rounded shape.Ideal both as an informal seat and as a decorative accessory, Stone comes with a soft bouclé upholstery in wool, cotton, and linen Loro Piana Interiors.


Modern, essential, with two elegantly curved solid wood armrests reminiscent of a hand-drawn wheel in motion: thanks to its comfortable seating and soft, welcoming lines, Monterey is a versatile sofa suitable for any living area.

A raffia passepoil, a distinctive material of the Riviera Collection, embellishes the fresh and enveloping cotton, linen, and viscose bouclé upholstery by Loro Piana Interiors. The decorative, floral-patterned pillows are in Loro Piana Interiors linen and cotton.


With an irresistibly gentle design, the Macaron pouf is inspired by the famous French pastries, adding a touch of playfulness and charm to any room. Not only aesthetically beautiful but also sturdy and durable, Macaron comes in pinstripe natté linen in shades of white and dark red. Perfect both as a single item and paired with its twin, in pairs or trios.

Saint Tropez

An expression of Italian handcraftsmanship combined with inspiring places, the Saint Tropez dinner table perfectly blends materiality and modern design. Its clean lines and wooden frame are enhanced by a vertical metal insert. A delicate yet precious detail that makes Saint Tropez a perfect table for modern and elegant dining rooms.


Versatile and essential, thanks to its light wooden frame and soft wool and cashmere fabric seat by Loro Piana Interiors, Marina is the dining chair that combines comfort and elegance in a single solution to make convivial moments around the dining table unforgettable.


With its seat and backrest made of woven leather, Croisette is the epitome of handcrafted refinement. The slender wooden profile frame contributes to a fresh, sophisticated design that fits perfectly with any décor. Ideal for relaxing in style, Croisette invites you to experience moments of pure comfort in an exclusive and elegant atmosphere.


As its name suggests, the Ludo side table is playful and versatile, perfect for adding a contemporary and fresh touch to the living environment. With its removable lid that doubles as a tray, it is ideal as both a decorative element and a side table. The slender, cylindrical legs made of wood or covered in fabric are embellished with a metal or leather ferrule.

DOM Edizioni

The Seductive Essence of Nature’s Textural Soul

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