10 of the Most Beautiful Dining Tables of 2023

Essential tops and sculptural bases with majestic and sophisticated elegance: here are 10 of the most beautiful dining tables of 2023.

Dining Tables: Atlantis by Riflessi

Atlantis is the new Riflessi table with essential and rigorous lines, masterfully blending the simplicity of a perfectly balanced design with refined materials and innovative extension technology.

A fixed or extendable table with ceramic tops and extensions from a single matching slab, Atlantis is made with painted die-cast aluminum legs and offered, in keeping with Riflessi’s usual tailored approach, in a very wide range of finishes, customizations, and sizes.

The aluminum trestle legs are available in graphite, pearl champagne, and hand-brushed brass, cobalt, and titanium. The ceramic top, whose folding ceramic extension leaf is cut from the same slab as the top to maintain the harmony of design and grain, is offered in glossy statuary white or bush-hammered matte, glossy or matte calacatta oro, and glossy or matte noir desir, matt flamed taupe piasentina stone, matt nero greco, gloss or matt emperador, gloss or matt bush-hammered Sahara noir, matt bush-hammered gray Savoia stone, matt bush-hammered anthracite Savoia stone, glossy blue sodalite, matt or glossy burgundy green, and glossy capraia.

The telescopic extension mechanism is made of anodized aluminum while the single 80-cm ceramic extension leaf in continuity with the top is folding and housed inside the table itself.

functional and versatile extending table, suitable for any environment thanks to the range of sizes starting from a minimum of 160 cm to a maximum of 280 cm in the largest extended version.


Dining Tables: Orbital Calligaris

In a combination of design and emerging technologies, Orbital is making a comeback on the occasion of Calligaris’ 100th anniversary. The extending table designed by Pininfarina for the multinational furniture company is an icon of great interest that won the Interior Innovation Award in 2012.

Orbital features a technologically advanced automatic extension system: thanks to a single fluid movement of the metal arms, the two extensions come out from under the ceramic top and simultaneously level, maintaining the elliptical shape. A locking device prevents their accidental closure. The rigid polyurethane column base, with a large central hole, and metal support plate provide stability to the structure.


Dining Tables: Orpheus Tacchini

One indefinite shape, one gesture, one material: for the Orpheus table by Tacchini, Lorenzo Bini is inspired by the work of Cy Twombly and transforms it into a contemporary design piece. A marble top obtained by tracing a portion of the famous “Orpheus” painted in 1979-supported by five legs-obtained by juxtaposing slightly staggered strips of the same marble becomes an invitation to take a seat to pay homage to the work from which it took shape and the artist who created it.


Dining Tables: Scott Keramik Cattelan Italia

Among the main novelties 2023 signed by Cattelan Italia is the Scott table, presented with two new finishesfor the base and top. The hand-brushed brass OXYBRASS base emphasizes the industrial-style metal form, creating an intriguing contrast with the fine tops.

Cattelan Italia

Dining tables: Bonaldo Pavilions

An obvious reference to the world of architecture, Bonaldo’s Padiglioni table appears as a miniature of a real architectural pavilion, and this is precisely the image from which designer Alain Gilles draws inspiration: the iconic Barcelona pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe.

If it were a real architectural element, the ground on which the table rests would be the floor of the pavilion, the curved legs would be the supporting structure, and the top would become the roof. A game of imagination, then, is what led to the creation of the Pavilion table.

The focal point of this table is the base, which consists of three asymmetrical elements, each with a peculiar shape and placed in seemingly random positions to make the composition visually dynamic. Precisely because of this asymmetry of the base, those who observe it closely will notice, as they move around the table, that it changes appearance depending on the point of observation.

An important structure, accentuated by the table top whose linear shape with tapered edge contrasts with the legs and completes the overall image.

A story of contrasts that dialogue with each other and expertly achieved balances, the Pavilion table is the highest expression of Alain Gilles’ creative skill and Bonaldo’s production capacity.


Dining Tables: Soul Turri

As with music, Turri’s Soul table has a soul and it resides in the sinuous and elegant development of the leather-covered central leg. The deep and intense movement is sharply interrupted on the surface by an oblique cut that brings out the round section and gives dynamism to the structure. The slight flaring toward the ground finds its counterbalance in the narrowing of the tabletop.

The soft, rounded style defined by minimal details, typical of the Soul line, reflects the possibility of making one’s home an immersive place made of comfort and beauty.


Dining Tables: Kalòs Table Zanaboni

For Zanaboni dining by Zanaboni Castello Lagravinese signs Kalòs, a series of dining tables with an unusual design that surprises with its inherent versatility, designed to take shape in the combination of materials with the intention of making this model suitable as much for essential and rigorous environments as for more exclusive and richer ones.

The Kalòs round dining table – available with or without a Lazy Susan – features a gray striped wood and metal base with a cloudy gold finish, with a Belvedere marble top, also available in Patagonia and White Dover marble.


Dining tables: Talento Table Laurameroni

The Talento table, part of Laurameroni’s collection of the same name, elegantly echoes the style of sideboards from the same family. An extremely modern design that wants to defy the force of gravity thanks to a surprising and delicate effect of suspension and lightness given by the unusual shape of the legs and the always odd number of them.

The rounded top is made of wood, and the modular legs with rounded sections are available in marble, smooth wood, glossy lacquer, and metallic lacquer. Available in round, rectangular, or square, to be equipped with a Lazy Susan accessory.


Dining tables: Mateo Molteni&C

Vincent Van Duysen reconfigures Molteni&C’s dining concept, giving it personality with a new table proposal, Mateo, available in two configurations and two heights.

Mateo, equipped with a central pedestal with a cylindrical and conical shape furrowed in two in the vertical at the base, is available in round or oval versions tapered at the edge, adapting perfectly to any type of environment. The conical base is made thanks to a curved plywood mold; the combination of the two molded halves draws an open central joint, giving the base a totally unexpected personality. The leg is available in coffee oak, sunrise oak, the full range of glossy lacquers, and burnished metal.

The internal structure gives solidity thanks to an invisible core of painted metal, which ensures rigidity in the coupling between the base and top.

The Mateo table is available in two versions: dining, with a round or oval top, and lounge, equipped with a round top.

Finishes range from coffee oak, which encompasses the facets and tones of coffee, to the warmer sunrise oak, to glossy lacquers throughout the Molteni&C range, to calacatta marble, emperador dark and marquina black. Two new colors enter the lacquer palette: Pine Green, which recalls the typical dark green color of pine trees during the winter period, and Almond White, a sophisticated milk white.

Mateo can include the addition of a central revolving tray, Lazy Susan, a typical element of oriental culture, which allows all diners to be served in a practical way, creating intimate convivial situations, to be chosen in calacatta marble, emperador dark, and maruqina.


Dining Tables: Osmose Porada

Patrick Jouin proposes for Porada the Osmose dining table destined to become an icon: the first table in the collection with legs made entirely of marble. The name echoes the concept of dialogue between two natural materials with distinct characteristics but which lend themselves to accompany each other in the function envisioned by the designer. The legs arise from solid marble duly worked in a recessed position with respect to the wooden top, where the very shape of the base is captured as a decorative feature. A stylistic and constructive exercise that engaged the designer and company in a well-resolved challenge.


10 of the Most Beautiful Dining Tables of 2023

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