Dome by Fabbian Illuminates Bluebar Amidst the Beauty of Capri

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Capri with expansive spaces overlooking the sea, Dome by Fabbiantakes center stage in the cocktail/lounge Bluebar, designed by Alessandro Di Prisco Design Studio for Club LaVela.

The Elemental Inspiration of Dome by Fabbian

Designed by Alessandro Di Prisco in 2022 for Fabbian, Dome is a modular pendant lighting system that draws inspiration from the architectural element of the dome.

The lamp bodies are connected by arches, and their union forms a series of vaults that create visually striking architectural lighting.

Thanks to its modularity and the ability to combine endless forms, the Dome system is extremely flexible and suitable for both residential and contract use. It is an essential yet scenographic fixture that can be repeated indefinitely.

At Bluebar on Capri

Its recent application is in the Bluebar, a cocktail/lounge bar for Club LaVela, a restaurant located in Torre Del Greco. It was designed by Alessandro Di Prisco Design Studio, which characterized the venue by choosing brass for the arches, niches, and base of the counter, Rosa Nepal marble for the counter and back counters, and glazed ceramic from Vietri for the cladding.

Architect Di Prisco explains, “The glazed ceramic from Vietri was entirely handmade, and each tile is different from the other. The imperfect detail of the craftsmanship of each piece characterizes the surrounding space, making it lively and dynamic. Each imperfection thus returns a unique and exclusive artifact.”

The contemporary geometries of the Vietri ceramic on the counter alternate with the more classic formats of the back bar cladding. Shades of blue dominate, enhancing the light and space by recalling the hues of the sea.

Completing the counter with Dome continues the flow of the arches on the back wall and enhances the material combinations, paying homage to the local tradition and the colors of its land.

The Dome F62 collection, designed by Alessandro Di Prisco in 2022, consists of an indoor light point and a 1-meter arch made of painted black or gold aluminum and iron. The LED source is available dimmable 1-10V, DALI – PUSH, or phase-cut with an integrated power supply. All versions are highly efficient.


Dome by Fabbian Illuminates Bluebar Amidst the Beauty of Capri

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