Cast in a New Light: The Lighting Design of Paolo Castelli

Creativity and craftsmanship tradition, material combinations and a wealth of details are the hallmarks of Paolo Castelli’s lighting design: indoor and outdoor proposals with a strongly decorative and elegant character, ideal solutions for private spaces as well as for contract projects, capable of dialoguing with different furnishing styles without altering their style.

As eclectic as they are versatile, Paolo Castelli lamps increase the perception of comfort in environments by transforming the atmosphere of spaces according to the needs and desires of those who inhabit them.

Fanus Paolo Castelli: Illuminating Through the Intimacy of Shadow

Powered by an LED light source, Fanus reinterprets the concept of the lantern, standing out for its central illuminating body made of transparent canned glass and for the lampshade available in fabric or Murano glass.

Details in natural cuioietto embellish the entire figure, making Fanus a strongly contemporary project, available as a pendant, floor, and table version with both cable and battery.

Manta Paolo Castelli: Bending Matter to Art

A lamp capable of taking on the appearance of a leaf that twirls lightly in the environment. The Manta family of lamps welcomes floor and table versions, expanding the proposal of lighting systems characterized by ethereal lightness and understated elegance.

The LED light source, a refined Fume or amber-colored glass leaf, hand-forged by master glassmakers in Murano, illuminates the environment with great warmth and naturalness, creating an enveloping atmosphere of absolute harmony.

Stellantis Paolo Castelli: suspended sculptures

Created to be a protagonist, Stellantis is a highly suggestive hanging lamp whose dimensions are light to the eye thanks to the combination of different shapes and materials. A central matt brass rod attracts to itself six Murano glass cones that, like the petals of a flower, present different shades made of bronze.

Origami Paolo Castelli: A Fan of Light

A subtle beauty, a full and never intrusive light that illuminates the environment evoking distant atmospheres. The wall lamp Origami, is distinguished by the contemporary and longilinear line of its individual components each formed by two elements: the structure in a double finish, satin matte gold, and matte black, is crossed by a brass rod containing the LED light source. The peculiarity of its design, allows Origami to give life to multiple graphic compositions, revealing its decorative character, even when the lights are off.

Paolo Castelli

Cast in a New Light: The Lighting Design of Paolo Castelli

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