I Want to See You Dance

Easter 2022 becomes a dance for pastry shop Walter Musco in Rome, which, as per tradition, stages the Pièce di Uova di Cioccolato entitled “Voglio Vederti Danzare” I want to see you dance – named after the song by the same name by Italian singer Franco Battiato – will be staged in the spaces of Largo Bompiani from April 1st-18th .

A moment of maximum expression of individual freedom, a return to liberty of movement, happiness, the cessation of physical and structural barriers that in recent months have left us static,” explains Walter Musco. We decided to pay homage again to Franco Battiato, taking a cue from one of his famous songs, to summarize our desire to dance and our wish to see the whole world dance around us, free, in peace, and cosmopolitan.”

The dance becomes a means to convey the desire for freedom of expression and movement. It is in fact a ubiquitous art in the history of society: propitiatory rites, those of atonement, those of approaching the sacred are traditionally marked by moments of dance, euphoria and catharsis.

Over time, dance has been considered an art form and in its essence is the “oblique art” par excellence: not only dancers but, with the evolution of costumes, also musicians, painters, directors, costume designers, set designers, choreographers and makeup artists have enriched the art of movement, making dance one of the most complete art forms, with ancestral roots in the history of mankind.

“The event I Want to See You Dance,” continues Walter Musco, “takes on a positive and auspicious meaning for us: a way to celebrate freedom and being together, a moment to express ourselves and the newfound desire to travel and be social, a message of peace and universal brotherhood that can do this regardless of nationality, ethnicity, culture, age or religion.”

The artistic cue of dance for the exhibition of Easter Eggs was born after the professional and artistic meeting with Daniele Cipriani, artistic director and intellectual who for years has been working combining dance, music, words, costumes and forms in shows to be staged in the most important Italian and European theaters.

The Easter eggs featured in the exhibition are dedicated to artists such as Mirò, Chagall, Picasso, Depero, De Chirico, Matisse and Burri; to couturiers such as Chanel, Versace, Givenchy, Miyake and Capucci; to dancers such as Carla Fracci, Michael Clark, Lindsay Kemp and Piana Bausch; to choreographers and costume designers such as Sonia Biacchi, Alwin Nikolais, Moses Pendleton, Leon Bakst, Oskar Schlemmer and Jerome Kaplan. Their craftsmanship is done entirely by hand and in the Bompiani workshop, using only chocolate and food coloring. Capucci’s Creature of Prometheus and Pina Bausch’s Nelken are made with the precious help of Lucia Simeone.

Photo: Andrea Di Lorenzo


I Want to See You Dance

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