Elegance is a Question of Balance

There is a refined balance that allows you to express a delicate elegance even when the volumes are important: it is precisely on this balance that the concept of Kuadra, the kitchen designed by Key Cucine, was born.

The name reveals a clear stylistic imprint: Kuadra is in fact a tribute to essential and irreducible shapes, which become the primary details of this project. The kitchen is built on square geometric elements that form the doors of the large central island, more than 4.5 metres long. The wood chosen for the doors is a smoked Eucalyptus wood, with a warm, dark tone and a very elegant flamed grain reminiscent of silk.

The top, like the niche in the wall, is covered with exquisite Collemandina Marble, a natural stone from Garfagnana, with its characteristic grey colour that fades into antique pink with marked light veins. The kitchen top is fitted flush with the cooking pit creating a sleek line, while the sink, also in marble, is a large bowl that reinterprets the classic, rustic-inspired washbasin in a modern and refined form.

To frame the central block, Key Cucine has designed an imposing corner wall, with full-height aluminum doors on the long side, over 2.5 metres long, and a lacquered finish that radiates a delicate soft-touch surface that picks up on the grey shades of the kitchen module. Light and stable, thanks to the durability of the material, they become both furnishing elements and sliding doors that enclose niches and equipped walls. On the short side, Kuadra is completed by a boiserie with a panel lacquered in brushed brass like the doors and shelves.


Elegance is a Question of Balance

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