Enchantment of Lights

Be surrounded by a land of sparkling marvel this holiday season – a little joy is the ultimate way to recall those most treasured childhood feelings that the holidays bring. This year, visitors of all ages will be immersed in a dazzling display of lights at Enchantment of Lights/Incanto di Luci, the sensory art exhibition being held at the Botanical Garden of Rome from Saturday, November 19th, 2022 to Sunday, January 8th, 2023.

Enchantment of Lights Arrives in Rome

This year will be the first Italian edition of an event format that has taken place in more than 15 European cities for more than five years. The exhibition creates an enchanted world, framed by the wonder of the Eternal City, that will be showing concurrently in 18 other foreign locations, such as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden and Windsor.

“After 1.9 million people visited our Christmas Gardens across Europe last year, we are incredibly excited to continue to grow internationally and welcome Rome as another magical city to our Christmas Gardens family. A great thank you to all of our partners for their collaboration,” says Christian Diekmann, COO and CDO of DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG, which launched Christmas Garden in Berlin, Germany, in 2016.

Stephen Flint Wood, the Executive Vice President of Arts and Entertainment Events at IMG-a world-wide leader in the events and entertainment industry notes, “After the large-scale success of the light pathways we launched in Paris and Windsor last year, we are thrilled to illuminate one of the world’s most beautiful cities, as we will bring this incredible experience to Rome this winter.”

A Holiday Event for All

“With this first-time event arriving just before the holiday season, we can recreate, through nature, a microcosm that is enchanted and fabulous in a space that is already magical like the Botanical Garden of Rome. The goal of Enchantment of Lights is to arouse wonder in children, who know how to be enchanted, but also in adults who more and more want to experience a feeling of excitement that is strong and, and perhaps, almost forgotten.

We must not miss the chance to awaken emotions that make us feel alive and happy and that, with ‘Enchantment of Lights,’ can be shared with others,” explain local partners Silvia and Mauro Dorigo of Be.It Events, the Italian partner for this event who are already known as the curators of the ‘Taste’ culinary festivals in Italy, and who wanted to bring this highly anticipated and first-of-its-kind event to Italy.

“This appointment is also an injection of hope for a better world, one that returns to being a place of peace and serenity,” Silvia continues, “considering that the lights of the event will be turned on in unison in six different countries, from Germany to France, from the United Kingdom to Spain, and from Rome, Italy to Chorzów, Poland – the new entries for 2022.

For almost two months, the Botanical Garden will be “massively lit up” thanks to the artistic works of renowned light designer Andreas Boehlke, made even more evocative by the melodies of composer and sound designer Burkhard Fincke who, alongside the interventions and support of talented landscape designers, have created a magical route that stretches for a mile, immersed in the most splendid views of nature.

The installations were specifically designed to have a limited environmental impact, thanks to the use of LED bulbs and extreme attention to the protection of the garden’s greenery and wildlife. During the event starting on the third Sunday of November, which was created in full compliance with Italy’s ongoing ecological transition, visitors can cross the threshold opening a veritable Door of Wonders and entering into an imaginative and out-of-the-ordinary world for an enchanted stroll among the shining palms of the Avenue of Twinkling Branches, through the Cathedral of Light, to meet the Tree Fairies and then gaze up the Stairway to the Moon.

Poetic yet impactful installations with thousands of LED lights are all set to help create a memorable holiday experience. A perfect setting for immortalizing moments of wonder in the company of loved ones and for enjoying a delicious pause with gourmet specialties from the Lights and Delights area of Enchantment of Lights.

To wrap up this journey into this splendid land of enchanted nature, visitors will also discover the glittering Christmas Rondo – an area that seems to come right out of the most beautiful childhood daydream, masterfully decorated trees, a large sleigh with Santa Claus and his illuminated parcels – ready to surprise young and old with the joy of the true Christmas spirit.

Incanto di luci

Enchantment of Lights

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