Vita Gessi Caffè: The Innovative Solution for the Coffee ritual

Gessi presents the innovative solution for the coffee ritual and the new multifunctional proposal for the most convivial space in the home.

The hospitality and strong sense of belonging to the territory have always been distinctive values for Gessi. The well-being derived from water transforms daily rituals into precious moments to be enjoyed together with loved ones. Stylistic research and technological innovation converge in the unmistakable GESSI design style, the perfect combination of quality and excellence.

The company, an ambassador in the world of Made in Italy, integrates essentiality and avantgarde, design and respect for the environment, elevating the simplicity of a daily moment linked to water to an ethically sustainable gesture. A tangible value in the daily routine aimed at improving people’s lives.

Vita Gessi Caffè™

The Vita Gessi™ multifunction system with its innovative and patented digital interface, which contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing the use of plastic and saving water and energy, is enriched with a new functionality for the dispensing of coffee.

The celebration of an iconic ritual of the Italian lifestyle is linked to the surprising aquadomestic to enhance the values of hospitality and being well together, making the most important object of the kitchen a place of meeting and sharing.

In addition to providing still and sparkling water, cold and boiling, with different levels of customization and with the possibility of storing up to twentyfour levels of quantity, Vita Gessi Caffè interprets the water element in the meanings of wellbeing, health and even hospitality, with an all-Italian note, integrating the coffee function using capsules.

The digital interface offers the possibility of a double dispensing, short or long coffee, according to the needs of everyone. Its modularity and flexibility translate into an elegant and iconic design, available in two versions and seven different finishes.

INDREN – Multifunction system

Gessi still innovates in the most convivial space of the home by introducing a new essential and clean system, both in form and functionality, with a minimal and sustainable design. Indren is so versatile that it adapts perfectly to all the aesthetic styles of contemporary kitchens, from the most traditional to the most eclectic.

The “woven metal”, GESSI’s stylistic signature, highlights and emphasizes the functional and tactile elements among which the ergonomic selector stands out, always placing the person at the center through the user-friendly interface.

Available in filtered water, cold and sparkling water, boiling water and all-in-one.


Vita Gessi Caffè: The Innovative Solution for the Coffee ritual

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