An Effortless Harmony in Open Space Living

What were once two well-separated living spaces, the kitchen and living room have increasingly found themselves communicating with each other in open space living: the experts at Ernestomeda explain that the choice of furniture then becomes essential to achieve spaces that can dialogue in harmony, creating a continuum of shapes and colors while remaining recognizable, making open-space living a dialogue that flows effortlessly.

The Design of the Sign Kitchen

Ernestomeda, with its Sign project, the kitchen model designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the company’s architect and art director, proposes a new concept of the kitchen environment – able to meet the other domestic environments, becoming a true extension of the living room – by choosing functional design elements, perfect for creating a union between the two areas, making them inseparable parts of a single living space.

Daylight Ernestomeda open elements

With an elegant and refined design, Daylight open elements are a solution with a decorative and functional soul, perfectly able to create continuity with the living area and at the same time integrate harmoniously into the kitchen environment thanks to the use of the same finishes. These are open structures that can be inserted on different elements, such as base units, wall units or cabinets, and are the ideal solution for storing one’s own objects, such as vases, knick-knacks or books, dissolving the barriers between different environments, but creating a unique one to share.

Depending on the structures chosen, Daylight open elements can be enriched thanks to the wide availability of finishes present, so as to meet the needs and taste of those who live them. In addition, the aluminum perimeter frame can be embellished with remotely controlled LED lighting.

Set Boiserie with Open Shelf Stay Ernestomeda

The new Sign kitchen model is characterized by a new concept of open space, which is also reflected in the paneling included within the project. The paneling, composed of the new Set paneling, which can be fitted with Stay open shelves, is designed to “open up” to the outside and meet the surrounding spaces. Stay open shelves are the solution designed to hold jar holders, spice holders, knife holders and film holders, so as to make the paneling even more functional, without neglecting the strong aesthetic impact given by the aluminum profile that characterizes them. This element also presents a wide margin for customization, thanks to a wide choice of finishes and the possibility of installing optional LED lighting.

Ernestomeda View Wall Units

Peculiarity of the Sign project is the absence in the upper part of the classic closed wall units: in the model, these storage elements leave room for wall units that are designed to give lightness and harmony to the environment, so as to recall the classic living structures. Characterized by the transparency of the glass, View wall units are the perfect element for organizing one’s kitchen space in a novel way.

View wall units are available in different materials, finishes and combinations, offering a high degree of customization to meet the different design needs of consumers.

An Effortless Harmony in Open Space Living

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