Et al.’s Minimalist Elegance

Elegance with minimal flavor punctuates the design novelties designed by Et al. with four new products from Luca Nichetto, Philippe Nigro, Marc Sadler and Philippe Tabet and three important range extensions for Snap by Francesco Meda, Classy by Luca Nichetto and Cuba by Marc Sadler.

Et al. – Agami

Agami is the new family of upholstered hospitality seating with soft and welcoming shapes, designed for Et al. by Philippe Nigro. The sobriety and simplicity of its lines is expressed in its characteristic ability to be combined with different bases: one in metal, whose structure evokes the archetypal bistro chair, the other in solid wood.

These possibilities make Agami extremely versatile and adaptable to even very different environments: the design lines common to the two frames, allow for a perfect coexistence of the two versions. The Agami family consists of numerous types of seating: chair, armchair and stool available in two heights. The collection will later be expanded with lounge chair, bergère armchair, sofa and tables. In the wood-framed versions, the material is FSC-certified.


Dunk is Et al.’s new small armchair with tub seat, designed by designer Philippe Tabet. This small armchair, while made of polypropylene, takes inspiration from upholstered seating: in the hypothetical meeting between two seams, there is an invitation for the hole. The polypropylene shell is available in two versions, with and without holes: one makes the chair more functional, stackable; the other more elegant, non-stackable, with a beautiful wooden frame.

Both versions are obtained through a single mold. Mold optimization is just one of Dunk’s pluses: the Dunk chair is available in either 100% recyclable polypropylene or r-PP (recycled PP) recycled polypropylene with composition varying between 65 and 85%, from post-consumer material recovery. Dunk offers the choice between elegance and functionality. Due to its versatility, it can achieve a wide range of uses.


Bloom is the new modular sofa system for outdoor living. In its apparent simplicity lies a versatile and transformable design, precisely because it is conceived as a system. The designer thought of a metal structure that combines support and aesthetics with backs made of 3D knitted fabric, on which the upholstered cushions rest. The result is a comfortable and practical sofa that allows for easy combinations and matches between the various modules.

The frame is made from extruded aluminum cross members and cast aluminum joints; the cushions are made from water-repellent, breathable and draining materials while the 3D cover is woven directly onto the shape of the structure. The collection also includes a series of tables and coffee tables that are created with the same aesthetic-structural concept to meet all the needs of an outdoor space.


In the scenario that pits proponents and detractors of smart working against each other, Marc Sadler thinks of Reunion as a smart solution for “agile work,” offering a flexible context intended for those who want to work, study, or simply concentrate in a space of their own. The modular system consists of two desks of different sizes and accessory elements that manage to create customized solutions from time to time. Shelves, sound-absorbing panels of two different heights, front and side, for single or paired desk solutions, and fabric storage pockets can be attached to the frames.


Classy, the seating collection designed by Luca Nichetto, expands. The hallmark shell is now also offered in a fully fabric-covered version, which is available on all existing frames. Sled frames are also added to the frames already in the catalog. The wooden frame is now FSC certified.


The Snap collection is enriched with the addition of the wooden frame to the catalog. The frame is made with wooden legs and connecting structure under the seat made of cast aluminum. The wood of the legs is FSC certified.


Cuba is a family of steel and injection-molded polypropylene seating created for the community market. Simple, understated lines give Cuba a universal character, suitable for any context, indoor or outdoor. The Cuba collection, already present in the catalog with multiple frames, is enriched by the version with a polypropylene shell entirely covered in fabric. The new version is available on all existing frames.

Et al.’s Minimalist Elegance

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