Phil by Ethimo: The Outdoor Kitchen with a Nomadic Soul

Ethimo presents its first project related to the world of cooking, developed in collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier.

Creating increasingly complete and comfortable outdoor environments, capable of suggesting the trends of living spaces en plein air with quality, in perfect empathy with nature and in line with new lifestyles, has always characterized Ethimo’s modus operandi.

With this spirit comes Phil, a kitchen with smart ‘attitude’ that simplifies the art of cooking en plein air.

This is the design ‘challenge’ designed by Ethimo and Gordon Guillaumier, with Phil, which takes the form of a new element, with an unconventional design, that thanks to its special ‘nomadic’ configuration emphasizes the concept of conviviality in the open air, telling not only an original way of customizing outdoor scenarios, but of living the contemporary kitchen in a creative and relaxed way.

Phil, with its elegant and informal look at the same time, was born from a careful reflection on the living of outdoor space: whether it is a porch, a patio, a terrace, a poolside or an urban balcony, this unprecedented element makes any context usable, even small ones, allowing the kitchen space to be managed simply, functionally and quickly.

Through its defining volumes and technical features, Phil concentrates the primary activities of cooking in a small space and in an ergonomic way, ensuring maximum functionality. Construction balances, such as stability and sturdiness, are confirmed by its ‘soft’ and unconventional design.

Standing 98 cm high and 75 cm in diameter, Phil consists of a single cylindrical-shaped base made of metal in Olive green and Sepia Black shades. Defined by refined teak details, it is developed through three possible configurations: with a sink, with an induction cooktop, and with a barbecue. These ‘circular islands’ can coexist in their different functions, creating a circularity of movement and use, or live individually.

The sink, complete with a practical teak worktop/top, has fixed feet, while the two wired cooking options are equipped with wheels, so they can be placed freely and as needed in the target environment, emphasizing the dynamic and versatile character of the project.

Thus, with Phil, Ethimo and Gordon Guillaumier chart a new kitchen experience, creating a concept with the perfect balance between freedom and rigor, capable of adapting to different contexts in terms of size and vocation, and acting as a natural complement to open-air spaces.


Phil by Ethimo: The Outdoor Kitchen with a Nomadic Soul

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