The Exclusive Dining Experience at Lorenzo Cogo Social Club

The concept transforms an attic, furnished as if it were a home, into an exclusive dining location characterized by conviviality and Chef Lorenzo Cogo’s inspired cuisine.

Cogo, former enfant prodige of the Italian gastronomic scene, presents the “Lorenzo Cogo Social Club,” an unprecedented venue located near Schio, a town in the Veneto region north of the city of Venice and east of Lake Garda.

What would appear to be an ordinary loft turns out to be an exclusive location that offers a new way of going out to dinner while immersing yourself in a unique social reality. At the Lorenzo Cogo Social Club, it is possible to feel at home and meet new people with whom to share a refined culinary experience in a cozy and informal atmosphere.

The Inspiration of Chef Cogo

“You go to a restaurant to eat, feel good and feel comfortable while enjoying the experience. Unfortunately, however, we are often conditioned by etiquette and surroundings, which do not allow us to fully relax. From this reflection came the idea of starting the Lorenzo Cogo Social Club, an original format that mirrors my casual approach and instinctive cooking. I want to give my guests a complete sensory experience that makes them feel at home, free to spend an evening of conviviality,” the chef comments of his new location.

Sharing the same table together with friends and, why not, with people you don’t know, tasting dishes that are the result of careful sourcing, and entertaining oneself between a game of Foosball and a Playstation challenge while sipping a good spirit: these are some of the experiences one can have at the Social Club, a place where flavors, textures and scents come together to create a unique shared journey.

Experiencing the Social Club

For dinners at the Social Club, the chef offers a surprise tasting itinerary depending on the availability and seasonality of products: a rare opportunity to exclusively discover the fruit of his culinary experiments. Ingredients from nearby markets and the best local producers are chosen for the preparations. Everything is accompanied by a wine list among which stand out bottles that have marked the international history of oenology.

The location, which can accommodate up to 12 people, is complemented by a large panoramic terrace where diners can enjoy an aperitif before sitting down for dinner. The outdoor space, ideal for holding private events, can accommodate a maximum of 30 people for aperitifs or dinner and has a swimming pool.

The Exclusive Dining Experience at Lorenzo Cogo Social Club

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