Faber’s Up&Down Technology

Beauty and functionality characterize Up&Down technology, designed by Faber for its elegant suspended hoods, a perfect smart solution for the homes of the future.

Home is where the kitchen is

Never as in recent years has the beauty of coming together with family and friends been rediscovered as it has now, the pleasure of moving freely, sharing spaces and moments with those dear to us – and spaces such as the kitchen have returned to represent the heart of the home as a favorite place to share moments and emotions. No less important is the living room, an area of rest but also of play, where people gather to welcome loved ones.

Subsequently, when kitchens form a single setting with the living room, it is essential to choose furniture complements and smart home solutions that are functional and beautiful at the same time. In particular, in these situations, it is often necessary to prefer, above the cooktop, a suspended hood, and innovative design, inspired by practical needs as much as design.

The Technology & Style of Faber Hoods

In this context, Faber, Franke’s air specialist, offers technology and at the same time a splendid furnishing solution that combines the know-how of the company from the Marche region with the passion for design. It is Up&Down, the technology that perfectly integrates the suction function of the ceiling hood with that of designer lighting.

The freedom of movement is total thanks to this particular technology and especially to a system integrated within the product, which allows the chandelier hood to move up or down, depending on the needs of the moment.

“Down” while cooking, when the hood, enabled by the ceiling mechanism, descends towards the cooktop, illuminating it and extracting more easily; “Up” when, on the other hand, the hood ascends towards the ceiling, giving the room brightness and style. All this, is guided by a convenient remote control that makes operation even easier and more user-friendly.

Several kitchen hood models are featured with this technology, such as the Glow Plus hood. Available in Black Nichel Gloss and White Gloss colors, this particular solution integrates Up&Down technology, which transforms it from a simple extractor hood into a true focal point of design lighting. The circular band that wraps around the cylinder base illuminates the space around it while enhancing the sophistication of a contemporary style, including the two-color finishes. All this, without overshadowing the hood’s high performance, in perfect Faber style.

Also of great impact is the Belle Plus model: the hood, characterized by a design that rewards attractive and elegant kitchen aesthetics, has a double panel that creates a play of volumes that recall the petals of a flower. Available in two shades Gold and Warm, a luminous gold and a refined bright wine red, it features an original asymmetry that makes it a product with an unmistakable design.

Again, the light point puts it squarely in the Up&Down family of products, the technology that has made Faber a benchmark in the air world. Thanks to Up&Down Technology, hood and chandelier – together and complementary – merge into a solution that demonstrates, once again, Faber’s propensity to respond to the needs of modern life with products that are increasingly smart and that fit perfectly into any living situation.


Faber’s Up&Down Technology

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