Panettoni: Fabio Tucillo’s Top 10 for the Holidays

There is no Italian-style holiday season without panettone, and the young bakery chef Fabio Tuccillo knows it well. Combining a centuries-old Italian tradition and a touch of innovation and creativity, he launches his new proposals for the holiday festivities, as many as ten panettoni, all different and all made in an artisanal way, with sourdough and selected ingredients.

The ever-present Classic Panettone

These include the Panettone Classico, with raisins and orange zest. The peculiarity is in the processing, which is according to the original and historic three-mix recipe, while ordinary productions call for only two; a technique handed down through generations, which calls for 48 hours of leavening, making the panettone much softer, lighter, fragrant and digestible.

Apricot Panettoni & Pistachio Panettoni

Pellecchielle apricots, almond paste and almond chocolate are the stars of the Apricot Panettone, whose sweet notes hark back to fields of almond blossoms. Together with the Pistachio Panettone, made with a white dough and a mouth-watering filling of cremino and pistachio cream, it aims to enhance the taste and quality of ingredients, all strictly Italian.

Tiramisu Panettone & Yogurt

An authentic taste explosion is the Tiramisu Panettone, made with a coffee and mascarpone dough, again with natural leavening, and hazelnut cremino.

Fresh, fragrant and super soft is Soft White Temptation, the Bakery chef’s first original innovation in the fragrant world of panettone. A dough made with yogurt, reminiscent of plumcake dough, filled with jellies and raspberry chocolate, ingredients that can give the leavened product a sweet taste with a slightly tart note, evoking the scent of raspberry coulis while still warm.

Strawberry Panettoni & Berry Panettoni

Soft Red Temptation, on the other hand, features a mascarpone dough, candied strawberries and strawberry jelly, and can be enjoyed with a splash of strawberry liqueur when cut. Two gourmand proposals, with contrasts in flavor, unique in fragrance and softness.

For lovers of fresher flavors, there is, then, the Berry Panettone with red berry cream and candied berries.

Ricotta and Pear Panettoni & Three Chocolate Panettoni

Ricotta and pears, two simple ingredients, create a panettone with an intense and enveloping fragrance. A velvety Sardinian ricotta cream “embraces” the candied pears as one, for an unforgettable taste experience.

A mouth-watering novelty is then the Three Chocolate Panettone, with a heart of dark chocolate, strawberry chocolate and caramel chocolate, all three perfectly visible when cut.

Novelty Christmas 2022

But the real novelty this Christmas is Nido d’Amore, a limited-edition panettone, which Fabio Tuccillo has designed inspired by one of the most famous preparations of French patisserie, the croissant. In fact, it is a 500 g panettone made with a flaky dough similar to that of croissants, filled with melted chocolate chips, flavored with raspberry or strawberry. A treat, for the eyes and the throat, capable of making the holiday table unique and seducing even the most demanding palates.

The Beloved Pandoro

Unmissable on Italian tables during the holidays is, finally, the classic Pandoro, made according to the typical traditional recipe and among the most beloved sweets, especially by children.

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Panettoni: Fabio Tucillo’s Top 10 for the Holidays

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