Flower Power

A game of balances, between transparent materials, bright colours and fascinating compositions: the beauty of flowers and luxuriant nature shines in all its splendour in Flower Power by Vgnewtrend, a work of lighting decor with a refined design, impactful aesthetics, and precious materials.

Launched in 2017, Flower Power is a ceiling light source designed for both domestic and contract spaces, an optimal solution as an ornamental object, but also as an efficient chandelier and point of light: the encounter between functionality and design with a natural feel.

Flower Power combines modular lighting with a strong natural inspiration, a concept that draws on VG’s specialization in creating artificial flowers and thrives on continuous customization. A chandelier whose lifeblood is imagination, the same one that overturned the assumption of verticality, roots in the air and stems from top to bottom, to make leaves and flowers fall gracefully, intertwined with the preciousness of Murano glass.

The first Flower Power was born as a hymn to Spring, to the awakening of nature, with the decisive yet delicate shades of tulips. The charm of flora has therefore crossed the seasons, interpreting this lighting element between Lotus flowers and Phalenopsis, between Ivy and Poppies.

A light that changes, passing through the seasons like nature through time. Flower Power can be dressed with any inspiration, seasonal or occasional: keeping the base and the same light source, it is possible to customize its configuration, to integrate the design of the chandelier with its surroundings. In addition to the natural trends of the period, an extra step of style is enough to imagine Flower Power in a reception hall, for a wedding that is both luxurious and spontaneous, as well as a cascade of festive elements for Christmas.

An accessory with an innate versatility of installation, capable of enriching both domestic and commercial environments. A bucolic immersion that opens the doors of living spaces to gardens and opens

lawns, for a landscape dimension of interior design, ready to inhabit flats and villas on the one hand, and the most majestic hotel lobbies on the other. Every element can be customized, from the size of the base to the number of lights, from the type of flowers or plants to the creation of unique details, to make the chandelier an exclusive creation of those who admire it every day.


Flower Power

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