The Harmony of Fluid Living with the Collections of MisuraEmme

MisuraEmme presents a furniture collection made in Italy that harmoniously embraces living and dining areas, creating fluid spaces in which to experience everyday life. The brand is known for its strong values and collections designed by famous architects and completely produced in the area of Brianza where dedicated artisans bring their culture of quality craftsmanship to every piece.

The Argo Sofa MisuraEmme

Created by designer Mauro Lipparini, the Argo sofa is designed to furnish the living area with taste and uniqueness. Distinguished by the alternation of the seating modules with new wooden storage elements, the Argo sofa with its “C” shape fills the surrounding space, completely embracing the living area and, at the same time, creating a perfect micro cosmos in which to bring to the stage the everyday life of living spaces at home.

Representing the evolution of the Tao Sit, Gran Sit, and the Sit-In programs, the platform and parts originally found in the previous systems are repurposed with a soft surface that lends greater contemporaneity and comfort. A touch of softness is provided by the self-supporting back cushions; cockpit armrests in two variants, horizontal cushion and “C” podium-container, in wood or lacquer, enhance the extraordinarily broad and versatile compositional performance.

Argo is a tailor-made system that, given its numerous compositional possibilities, creates the ideal solution for each need, bringing the designer and client closer together.

The Eros Sideboard by MisuraEmme

The Eros collection by MisuraEmme is enriched with a new storage unit, in two different heights, designed for the living area.

The sideboard, available in low and intermediate versions, features a bronze metal structure supporting the black oak essence storage unit and marble top.

The chromatic and material contrast and the ethereal design make the Eros sideboard a highly refined and sophisticated piece of furniture, able to give exclusivity to any living environment.

The Eros Writing Desk MisuraEmme

Perfect for adding a dedicated home office station to the living area, the Eros writing desk is distinguished by its light, refined design and quality materials.

The essential structure in gilded bronze makes the storage unit and top, embellished with black oak essence, almost suspended. The profiles of Eros desk are elegantly curved, returning a perception of comfort and enveloping functionality.

The visual play created by the dialogue between the different materials introduces an element of unmistakable taste and craftsmanship into the living area.

The Gemini Side Tables MisuraEmme

Clean and essential geometric lines mark the Gemini collection, declined in two small tables with clean profiles and generous volumes. The materiality of wood dialogues with a shiny glossy Macassar finish adds nuance to the complements, designed to elegantly furnish domestic and non-domestic spaces.

Collection of coffee tables with square and round thick shapes made of folding and veneer. The peculiarity of the top is given by the combination according to a specially designed design of the veneer enhancing its appearance.

The Janus Side Tables MisuraEmme

Janus is the family of coffee tables developed from the well-established collaboration with Architect Lucchese. It is the peculiar structure, characterized by a coupling of two double metal “C “s, that catches the eye. On it, available in various heights and finishes – painted black, painted gold or nickel-plated gold, or bicolor painted gold and black – rests the top presented in two geometric solutions, round or semi-oval, and in different materials, marble, wood, and glass. A sinuous harmony sublimated by the presence of expertly crafted fine materials.

The Moai Side Tables MisuraEmme

For MisuraEmme, Riccardo Gussoni designs a refined interpretation of essential complements. The Moai coffee table in solid linden painted antiqued bronze, matt or glossy lacquered, is inspired by the timeless charm of the monolithic statues of Easter Island. The main hourglass structure is crossed by a cylinder in the central part of the body, creating intersections between different volumes and new support surfaces.

The Puzzle Boiserie System MisuraEmme

Puzzle is an equipped and modular boiserie system, for wall coverings, which includes a series of elements that can be fully integrated: wooden containers, glass cases, and shelves.

It represents an evolution for MisuraEmme, which leads the company to implement its already wide range of products with boiserie systems, capable of increasingly replacing the classic wall-mounted day system, until now the undisputed protagonist of the living area.

The idea starts from the concept of the evolution of the composition to be fixed to the wall, thanks to wall paneling that can be equipped with dedicated elements that can be used in both the living and sleeping areas.

It consists of a system of aluminum uprights and transoms to be fixed to the wall and a series of frame panels, which attach to the aluminum wall structure.

Puzzle is available in different finishes: wood, concrete, woven straw, or thermoformed.

The Rialto Side Tables MisuraEmme

Rialto is a clever intersection of planes and flowing lines. In particular, it is the peculiar structure-two round tops with a right-angled wedge, connected by a geometric base-that allows it to experience a dual function in domestic spaces. Individually, as an unexpected and whimsical touch, or as a discreet accompaniment to be placed at the corner of upholstered furniture, ottomans, and beds.

Aesthetics and functionality meet and complete the unusual proposal from the refined workmanship. Rialto is completed by the base in two-tone antique brass and black painted finish and beveled glass top.

MisuraEmme’s proposal, designed to furnish with elegance, once again becomes the spokesperson for a refined aesthetic language, in which the exquisite chasing of movements and fluid lines go to trace the rigorous profiles, distinguished by the refined aesthetic value and a dual function.

The Stiletto Side Tables MisuraEmme

It is material contrasts that emphasize the resolute identity of the Stiletto family of complements.

Marble, metal, and wood alternate in proposals with sharp geometric effects that enhance the slender structure.

Small tables – of different heights and with different top widths – emerge from the floor in combination with the brand’s seats, in an original play of contrasts with the soft silhouettes that characterize sofas and armchairs.

The Virgin Armchair MisuraEmme

Refined details mark the rigorous profiles of the Virgin armchair, belonging to the collection of the same name designed by Mauro Lipparini. Metal feet give the seat a contemporary and essential character, contrasting with the generous padding that invites relaxation. Available in two versions, with and without armrests, they share a balanced and architectural aesthetic appeal.

Virgin pouf MisuraEmme

The characteristic of the entire collection is the softness that is achieved in an elegant and cultured retrieval of soft 1950s lines and includes an elliptical section in the shape of the pouf. Contrast between slender and massive, between the threadlike feet of the front the full-bodied upholstery from the reassuring support.

The Virgin Sofa MisuraEmme

Compact yet cozy dimensions characterize the Virgin sofa, a piece with essential and refined lines that infuse rigor into the design. Backrest and armrests, integrated into a single functional and upholstered element, envelop the deep seat that becomes a back support modifying the final aesthetic and functional aspect. A strategically placed slot between the backrest and seat lightens the volumetric weight of the sofa.

Virgin chair MisuraEmme

A refined play of balances distinguishes the Virgin chair, signed by the ingenious creative flair of Mauro Lipparini. Available in two versions, with and without armrests, and endowed with a distinct architectural appeal. The rear support element becomes a floor support pillar, padded and upholstered, contrasting with the slender metal front legs. The contemporary cut of the seating evokes the soft lines of the 1950s.

The Ala Table MisuraEmme

Stemming from the encounter between the skillful pen of Ferruccio Laviani and the craftsmanship of MisuraEmme, the Ala table seduces the living area, becoming the principal actor around which to stage the comédie humaine of daily living.

The round or semi-oval top, defined by an edge that thins the perception of its thickness, appears suspended in space and ready to take flight thanks to the thin and delicate legs, with the features of an airplane wing that inspired its name. A proponent of timeless elegance, its vaguely 1950s form is enriched with a new top to touch 3.10 meters in length, also enhanced by the Mandarin transparent glass finish.


The Harmony of Fluid Living with the Collections of MisuraEmme

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