Contemporary Classics by MisuraEmme

MisuraEmme, a company with an international reach and more than a century of history, encapsulates the quintessence of Italian design.

The brand’s collections are an expression of an excellent manufacturing tradition, passed down through three generations, of extraordinary quality workmanship and careful selection of fine materials. The company’s pioneering collaborations with designer names whose avant-garde style has marked the history of Italian furniture have produced some of the most extraordinary classics of contemporary design.

1949: Elegie Bookcase by Ignazio Gardella

Among them, the absolute protagonist is the Elegie bookcase, designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1949. An iconic product, capable of reinterpreting the concept of modularity and today reissued by MisuraEmme as part of the “Atelier Collection I Maestri” to meet the most modern living needs.

The imposing and simultaneously light vertical aluminum structure is characterized by the equidistant holes that constitute, now as then, the distinctive feature of this avant-garde product, both functional and decorative in nature, allowing modules to be inserted where desired.

1930: AR1 Bar Cart by Alfred Roth

Another famous historical product still in the collection today is the AR1 bar cart, created by Alfred Roth in 1930. Distinguished by exceptional modernity, unchanged despite the passage of time and trends, AR1 features a tubular frame and wheels in chrome-plated steel, supporting two bottle containers: the first in perforated aluminum sheet metal and the second equipped with two flap doors in black lacquer finish. Details of great charm and topicality, able to combine originality and practicality in use.

1932: AA1 Sofa by Alvar Aalto

Designed by Finnish master Alvar Aalto in 1932, AA1 represents a timeless classic. A sofa with an adjustable backrest and seat to make a bed that perfectly sums up the principles of essentiality, functionality as well as visual lightness: the principles of the manifesto of the German Functionalist Movement, which inspired Aalto.

The anticipation of trends, constant research, development, and innovation, as well as a timely response to the evolution of lifestyles, have resulted and continue to result in a collection of furniture with contemporary, sophisticated and elegant lines: this is the trademark of the company, the origin and source of its uniqueness.


Contemporary Classics by MisuraEmme

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