Flying in the Kitchen

Appearances are not deceiving: the Volare kitchen by Aran Cucine changes shape but does not lose the elegance and versatility that have distinguished it over the years. In the new restyling by Ulisse Narcisi, Volare has carved out a central role for itself: taking possession of the surrounding environment, it becomes its fulcrum and meeting point.

The independent island block, positioned in the center of the kitchen, reveals all its possible uses: the most operative part houses the cooking area with a single basin sink equipped with a spouted tap and induction hobs.

The set of storage compartments integrated in the top is an original solution to have all the utensils at hand, in an organized way. The caracalla walnut snack, positioned between these two functional elements, makes the home environment even more dynamic: the fact of having to move around to reach the worktops invites collaboration and participation not only in the physical space but also in the very activities taking place within it.

Volare’s is a dimension of being together built around the catalyzing presence of the table that, through an invisible line of conjunction, is able to unite all the elements of the kitchen area.

The integrated system of storage elements makes it possible to make the most of all spaces: the island’s base units have been designed to house doors and shelves that are essential for organizing the layout of appliances and kitchen utensils in the best possible way.

To complete the composition, a linear wall configuration ready to accommodate other accessories. The alternation of full and empty spaces given by the sliding doors in glass and aluminum combined with columns in white matte lacquer, gives a mix of ergonomics and functionality easily adaptable to variable sizes.

The choice of primordial materials such as iron, wood and stone in this restyling highlights the strengths of the new solution while maintaining a balance throughout the composition that reflects the style and aesthetics of contemporary life.

Volare becomes synonymous with “sharing”: sharing a passion, the one for cooking, which is transformed into a gesture of inclusion towards the other and able to emphasize the cultural value of culinary art. Volare marries the idea of the kitchen as a meeting place, presenting itself as a new possibility of reflection on the concept of conviviality today.

Flying in the Kitchen

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