FontinaMI 2024: Fontina DOP from Alpine Meadows to Milanese Tables

From February 12 to 25, 2024, Milan hosts the third edition of the event promoted by the DOP Fontina Consortium.

Ciz, Coraje, Daniel Canzian, Dvca Rovello, Dvca Giardino, Il Liberty, Innocenti Evasioni, Locanda alla Scala, Mi View, Osteria Brunello, Ratanà, Testina: these are the 12 protagonists of FontinaMI 2024, an event spread over traditional and aperitivo-focused restaurants, promoted for the third consecutive year by the DOP Fontina Consortium to introduce the quintessential product of the Aosta Valley to the public, deeply rooted in the territory to become its symbol.

Fontina DOP for a Culinary Expedition in Milan  

From Monday, February 12, to Sunday, February 25, 2024, these twelve Milanese venues will feature unique dishes based on Fontina DOP on their menus. Additionally, they will offer a special entrée: an amuse-bouche created for the occasion by chefs, accompanied by a pure cheese tasting.

A return to Milan for Fontina DOP Alpeggio follows its ministerial recognition a few months ago, with its distinct official mention within the DOP, separate from the year-round classic Fontina and the “long-aged” variety.    

This recognition, strongly desired by the Consortium, is for a “heroic” type produced exclusively in the summer months, between 1700 and 2700 meters in less-than-easy conditions. This makes “Fontina DOP Alpeggio” a precious cheese (representing only 17% of the total annual Fontina production) with unique sweetness and aromatic characteristics from free grazing, alpine herbs, and fresh flowers found only at high altitudes. The immediate processing of milk directly in the alpine dairies further enhances its distinctive qualities.

Fontina DOP

FontinaMI 2024: Fontina DOP from Alpine Meadows to Milanese Tables

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