Four Bookcases for Four Styles by Matrix International

Bookcases can be one of the most precious and informative furnishing elements for the living area, a symbol of warmth, intimacy and welcome. Each of these distinctive pieces designed by Matrix International is as unique as the home it will inhabit.

Just like the varied literary genres, so too can a bookcase tell of different styles and stories, so too can it speak of the individuals who live in its presence.

A bookcase invites curiosity, to let the eye run through the titles it holds, to discover more about its owner. Not only do the books speak of their owners, but the bookcase itself identifies their stylea concept well-noted by Matrix International.

Classic, modern, contemporary, avant-garde: these are the words that perfectly fit both literary genres and the bookcases designed by Matrix International – each able to furnish different spaces and styles, both for harmony and contrast.

Booknet, for example, is an essential bookcase with clean lines and ample space. Designed by Danilo Marcone and Francesco De Agostini for Matrix International, it is characterised by vertical and horizontal shelves that cross each other in perfect symmetry, creating a chequered bookcase that is suitable for both wall mounting and as a room divider. An ideal complement for any environment, capable of furnishing both a rigorous setting and the most minimalist of spaces. Timeless, like great classical literature.

A transition from classic to modern style is the hallmark of Standing Ovation bookcase. Designers Emre Çetinköprülü and Massimo Imparato have come up with a system of shelves and storage units that can furnish with both lightness and versatility. Thanks to the bookcase’s considerable depth of the base and its top, it can be used placed either against a wall or in the middle of the room. Matrix International’s Standing Ovation is the bookcase that recalls the great classics of modern literature, whose independent, rebellious style has rewritten a new concept of thinking from the ground up.

Libralta, the height-adjustable self-standing bookcase, becomes a contemporary element, with practical pivoting pins and ceiling fixing which make it usable at 360°. Simple L-shaped stainless steel elements act as bookends. Designed by Danilo Marcone, Massimo Imparato, and Ranieri Massola, Libralta becomes the main character of the room, strong and independent like the protagonists of contemporary novels.

Finally, Matrix International proposes Move, the modular box system designed by Massimo Imparato. A compact cube-shaped container that can be replicated ad infinitum, it performs a variety of functions: table, bookcase, partition element. An object easy to move and reinvent. Thanks to a simple fastening system, it is possible to connect the desired number of elements, according to the desired angle.

Four Bookcases for Four Styles by Matrix International

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