FrankenBierFest 2023

From April 14 to 16, in the evocative setting of Villa Torlonia’s Limonaia in Rome, FrankenBierFest, the three-day tasting event of the rare and unique creations of Franconian family breweries organized by Publigiovane Eventi and Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa’, returns.

An Event for Beer Lovers The festival, which celebrates the brewing tradition and history of Franconia, a region of Germany with the highest concentration of microbreweries in the world per square kilometer, is now in its seventh edition and aims to highlight a beer culture of unquestionable value with a not-to-be-missed event for craft beer lovers.

Insiders, beerlovers, and the curious will have the opportunity to taste a wide selection of the productions of Franconian master brewers: rare, unique and high quality beers that rarely cross the borders of their territory of origin, imported for the occasion in the capital.

Franconian Brassic Culture

Franconia, a German area of Upper Bavaria, is an area that seems to stand still in time with a centuries-old brassicultural history. Beer in these places is a tradition, and its consumption is an integral part of the daily life of the inhabitants who habitually gather in inns (Gaststätte) to drink the local productions.

The Franconian area is home to the core of German craft beer production: about 300 artisanal, family and rural microbreweries, of which 200 are concentrated in Oberfranken (i.e., Upper Franconia). Their productions are very limited because they are intended for purely local consumption.

These are beers with a rustic taste and a strong personality, brewed according to original recipes handed down from generation to generation, sometimes still using ancient brewing methods, through original, centuries-old equipment and through the use of local raw materials. They must be consumed fresh, are very delicate and must be handled with care. Maximum attention must therefore be paid to their transportation as well.

The selection of beers at FrankenBierFest

As always, the selection of beers at the event is curated by Manuele Colonna, a leading figure in the brewing world and a great connoisseur of the Franconian scene in all its facets, both in terms of producers and productions, as well as the author of the title “Beer in Franconia.” These days Manuel is right on the spot, choosing the best beers for the event, which will be brewed for the occasion a few days before the start of the event to ensure their freshness.

“Right now I’m in Franconia,” Manuele Colonna declares, “and I’m in charge of selecting the beers that will be at the festival. We choose the freshest possible crush and plan in detail the shipment of the kegs, close to the event, in order to have these wonderful productions arrive in the best condition, thanks also to careful transportation and storage.

This year the task of retrieving kegs from 45 different family breweries was more complex than usual due to issues related to new export regulations. However, thanks to the cooperation of everyone involved we are succeeding in our task. In the coming days we will finish the collection of beers and the complete list of productions and breweries present at FrankenBierFest 2023 will finally be available.”

FrankenBierFest 2023: the event

During the event, visitors can get close to these creations, from Kellerbier to Rauchbier, via Pils, Dunkel and Bockbier, and learn some curious anecdotes from Manuel’s words. For a well-rounded tour of Franconian beer culture, a meeting with some of the region’s brewers, who will travel to Rome for the occasion, is also planned.

Multiple areas will be set up inside the Limonaia in which the featured beers will be served, some directly from wooden casks according to ancient tradition. At the entrance, participants will be able to choose between the glass or the typical ceramic mug, strictly half-liter, in pure Franconian style. To test more beers, it will also be possible to request Schnitt (the half-beer) or tasting.

A moment not to be missed on Friday, April 14, at 5 p.m., is the opening of the inaugural 50-liter cask, which will officially decree the start of the Festival.

A thematic exhibition curated by publican and photographer Gianni Boscherini will be available for use during the event, while the gastronomy will be curated by the Limonaia in collaboration with Pork’n’Roll and will offer a wide range of traditional German dishes to pair with the beers being tasted.


FrankenBierFest 2023

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