Eclectic Suggestions for Contemporary Living

Fratelli Boffi stands out on the furniture scene for its chameleon-like spirit capable of reinterpreting living styles with eclecticism and irony, combined with a skillful and solid craftsmanship tradition, almost a hundred years old, which translates into constant research with meticulous attention to detail and the most exclusive and precious materials.

In the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile the brand presented its latest furniture items designed by Lorenza Bozzoli, who has been able to embody the spirit of the company and interpret new living needs in an extremely sophisticated style.

Each piece of furniture is thought of as a functional form that cannot disregard belonging to the world and its time. Thus the Thumb lounge chair, Rail bench, Surprise storage paneling, Flo table, and Galleon stool highlight the design of this luxury brand.

Thumb Fratelli Boffi

Thumb is a lounge chair with soft, sinuous shapes that interprets the theme of comfort that is informal yet refined. The generously sized supporting frame is made of curved mahogany wood inlaid with maple wood, with a polished finish.

The inlay, thanks to the color difference of the woods used, draws a decorative bezel on the back of the armchair. A formal simplicity that simultaneously reveals great craftsmanship. What makes Thumb special is the voluminous upholstery of the seat and back cushions, made of variable-density polyurethane, which clearly communicates effective comfort and clean forms.

Thumb is designed to be used as a lounge chair but offers the possibility of transforming into a sofa by combining several elements together. The armrest is designed as an accessory element and can be inserted according to compositional requirements. The structure, supported by a central cylindrical wooden base, can be upholstered in fabric or leather to meet the most diverse style requirements.

Rail Fratelli Boffi

Rail is a curved bench with sliding seats that interprets seating with an ironic game of conviviality. The upholstered cushions are in fact placed on four rigid bases that, sliding on a system of tracks, allow the seats to move closer together or farther apart. Made of solid mahogany wood with maple details, Rail is a piece of furniture with an informal style that can be customized in materials and finishes.

Surprise Fratelli Boffi

Surprise is a storage boiserie conceived to show itself externally as a solid wood wall, precious in its workmanship and with refined aesthetics that reproduces in its design a macro-rod, concealing inside it an extraordinary sequence of equipment, modules and components, designed to meet different needs of use.

Made entirely of maple with a semi-gloss finish, Surprise is a paneling with a transformative spirit capable of furnishing different spaces in the home thanks to the numerous possibilities of customizing the internal components.

In fact, it can be structured with pivoting bar elements that rotate on a central axis and offer numerous compartments and supports for glasses and bottles, as well as be equipped with closet modules, or even transform into a perfect home-office station or TV cabinet for the living space.

Flo and Galleon Fratelli Boffi

The Flo coffee table collection takes up the stylistic feature of the Surprise boiserie. In fact, the central leg, made of maple wood, reproduces in the design the same macro-rodding of the storage wall. The top is lacquered and creates a pleasant contrast with the natural essence of the central leg that supports it. Flo, available in two heights, is finished with a precious square base in satin-finished brass that gives stability to the table and completes the design with elegance.

Flo is accompanied by Galleon, an aristocratic and refined cocktail seat reinterpreted in a contemporary key with natural finishes. In addition, it is offered in a new version as a high stool, maintaining the same very geometric curved lines in both the backrest and seat, tapered legs and precious bronzed metal tips that accentuate its luxurious character.

Eclectic Suggestions for Contemporary Living

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