Fratelli Boffi for the Reopening of the London Belvedere Restaurant

Closed due to the pandemic, London’s historic Belvedere restaurant reopens with completely renovated interiors and furnishings created by Fratelli Boffi.

Set in the enchanting setting of London’s Holland Park, Belvedere restaurant finally reopens to the public after a closure of more than 18 months that occurred due to the pandemic.

The historic restaurant, which occupies the site of the former stables built for Holland House in 1638, has undergone extensive renovations designed by Archer Humphreys Architects, which chose furnishings by Fratelli Boffi to embellish its interiors. The interventions allowed the structure to reopen but also revealed the beauty of the original construction through targeted demolitions.

The Historic Setting of the London Belevedere Restaurant

The Belvedere’s history began in 1638 when the stables and carriage house were built to serve Holland House and Park, a 500-plus acre estate inherited by Henry Rich, first Earl of Holland. In the 19th century the original structure, of which the court wall remains, was enlarged and became a celebrated ballroom and venue for salons and parties, attracting famous literary and artistic guests whose comings and goings remain as much a part of the building’s history as its romantic appearance and details.

The splendid ballroom with orangery saw such illustrious figures as Charles Dickens, William Wordsworth and Queen Elizabeth pass through before the bombings of the Great War destroyed much of its structure. The ballroom, however, remained standing and was later converted into the renowned Belvedere Restaurant.

Intriguing Workmanship from Archer Humphreys Architects and Fratelli Boffi

Today Archer Humphreys Architects celebrate the heritage of this historic building with the redevelopment of the striking two-story dining room that has a colonnade opening onto the park. The interior features an authentic design where furnishings conceived by the architects and produced by Fratelli Boffi alternate with lush palms and ficus trees.

Fratelli Boffi expertly crafted all the bespoke furnishings, such as the bar counter, reception desk, the wine display, the contoured benches, as well as all the tables and chairs, pieces from the Cervino Collection by the architects themselves and revisited specifically for this project.

The work was carried out with the utmost care, with the choice of fine materials and careful workmanship, characteristics that have distinguished Fratelli Boffi’s creations for almost a century, demonstrating once again the quality of its products and the strength of the design culture for which it is a leader in the field of custom-made designs and projects.

Fratelli Boffi

Fratelli Boffi for the Reopening of the London Belvedere Restaurant

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