Gelateria in Rome Come il Latte: All of the Most Extraordinary Flavors for Summer 2023

Nicoletta Chiacchiari, the master ice cream maker at the helm of Come il Latte for more than 10 years, is always looking for new ingredients and solutions.

A landmark of the Pinciano district in Rome, the Come il Latte ice cream shop over the years has won over its public thanks to its continuous search for quality raw materials, established recipes, and new experiments.

Come il Latte Ice Cream Shop: New for Summer 2023

With the arrival of the summer season, Nicoletta has come up with mouth-watering treats to meet all needs, made with natural ingredients, organic eggs, and no additives or dyes.

“I want to give my customers a taste experience by having them sample a quality ice cream made with selected and essential ingredients, I want them to feel what they are tasting,” Chiacchiari explains.  

Lunching with the Coppetta Mangiatutto is a true triumph of sweetness to be enjoyed even during the lunch break. From the union of the cone with the cup comes the Coppetta Mangiatutto, a perfect solution for enjoying ice cream with a spoon and then tasting the express wafer as if it were a cone. A fresh and nutritious alternative to lunch to satisfy the sweet tooth.

For those who are sugar-conscious but do not want to give up pleasure, Come il Latte also offers Santarem Dark Chocolate 65% sugar-free and prepared with a blend of natural sweeteners, a combination that enhances the flavor of chocolate and keeps the glycemic index at bay.

Come il Latte: Passion for Quality

At the base of it all, as can already be deduced from the name of the gelateria, is the milk that makes up 60%-70% of the cream ice creams: for fiordilatte, crema, stracciatella and mascarpone, the master ice cream maker has decided to use bottled milk from the Azienda Agricola Salvaderi farm, which, in the province of Lodi, rears an ancient breed of cattle in an environmentally sustainable way from which it produces milk with a golden color and unique flavor.

From the dairy world Nicoletta draws inspiration for the creation of new flavors, such as ricotta, gorgonzola, and taleggio, which she transforms into sweet, as well as salidou, the French salted butter caramel, and brunost, the Norwegian spreadable cheese widely used during breakfast with a caramelized flavor.

Come il Latte: The Classics and Originals

In this cozy sweet store where black and white tiles, fake milk bottles arranged on the shelves, and large chalkboards dominate, ice cream is produced daily, as Nicoletta says: “In the laboratory we work as in the kitchen, we produce the necessary amount of product to avoid waste and provide ice cream that is always freshly served inside tiny wells.”

Flavors not to be missed include 65% Santarem dark chocolate, Sicilian pistachio, Tonda Gentile hazelnut, mascarpone and Gentilini mascarpone, salted caramel, and seasonal fresh fruit flavors, but also dried fruit flavors such as walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, and dates. Those who like special combinations can choose, depending on the season, ricotta cheese, caramelized figs, and nuts; bread, butter, and sugar; and blue cheese, honey, and nuts.

Those with a sweet tooth can have the cone dipped in a dark or white chocolate glaze and garnished with homemade wafers. Next to the ice creams, there is the production of some specialties such as dark chocolate brownie, Sicilian brioche, and waffles to be enjoyed in combination with favorite ice cream flavors, cremolato and Gentilini cookies filled with ice cream.

Come il Latte’s ice cream also arrives on the tables of famous Roman restaurants: for Niko Spazio di Niko Romito, Nicoletta makes fiordilatte, cream, and chestnut in the wintertime, and for Dao Chinese Restaurant, inspired by the Chinese world, she prepares jasmine green tea ice cream, moutai ice cream with raisins and walnuts and lychee ice cream.

Photo Credits: Flavia Fiengo

Come il Latte

Gelateria in Rome Come il Latte: All of the Most Extraordinary Flavors for Summer 2023

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