Material and Aesthetic Contrasts

Balance and harmony mark the 2022 collections created by Gervasoni, the result of a series of collaborations with planners and designers from different backgrounds that give life to worlds of living apparently distant from each other, but actually able to coexist and dialogue with one another.

Relentless research aimed at proposing the most suitable solutions for contemporary comfort leads the company to experiment with ever-new ways of shaping its domestic universe, defined by attention to detail and innovative workmanship that becomes an expressive tool.

Natural and technical materials, juxtapositions of soft and rigid, material and aesthetic contrasts in a dynamic and up-to-date narrative amplify Gervasoni’s potential and define its new vision.

The idea of the Gervasoni collection stems from the perception of those who live in a given space at a given time: as per Heraclitus’ philosophy, everything is constantly changing in a continuous alternation of opposites, submitting to the inexorable law of change, in which every feeling of the individual in the same place is modified by the passage of time.

Gervasoni’s New Collection 2022

In Gervasoni’s living area for the collection 2022, the protagonist is the Saia upholstered furniture collection by David Lopez Quincoces, with sofas upholstered in linen in shades of blue with contrasting piping and armchairs upholstered in a new Beige ribbed velvet with tone-on-tone piping to highlight their soft shape.

With balanced lines, Saia was born from a classic ideal reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The name, Portuguese for “skirt,” tells of its distinctive feature: a removable cover that falls light and elegant to the floor and adheres to the structure of the sofa, emphasized and designed by the discreet piping that defines its shape. Elegant, versatile products suitable for defining different environments from one another, they recall the elegance and sweetness of a feminine figure: the armrests with their slight downward curvature invite you to sit comfortably to be embraced and enveloped in maximum comfort.

Also embellishing Gervasoni’s living area are the Heiko tables, also by David Lopez Quincoces: a Japanese term meaning balance, stability, Heiko evokes the shape of the tables, defined by rounded lines, with a rounded base that seems to float on the surfaces. Simple geometries and full volumes are combined and superimposed, creating soft architectures in which each element coexists with the others.

Made of a high-density polymer coated with a durable resin and then finished with a low-thickness clay that gives a material touch to the product, they are available in four sizes, characterized by natural colors that recall the earth, from Ombra gray to Cassel and Siena colors, to bring the mind back to an oriental imagery.

The dining area designed by Gervasoni is minimal and elegant, marked by two novelties: the Daen family and the Yelek chairs.

Federico Peri designs Daen, a furniture line, part of the collection 2022, composed of tables and sideboards. The Daen table, presented in the version with a round blue glass top, is surrounded by David Lopez Quincoces’ Saia chairs with the new light beige cloth and tone-on-tone piping. As with the other furniture in the same collection, the Saia chairs are defined by an elegant, fine and delicate aesthetic that reflects the soul of the product.

A Japanese term meaning “ellipse,” Daen by Gervasoni takes its inspiration from two concepts centered on contemporaneity and contamination between materials. A dining table available in two sizes with round and oval tops, it fits into spaces inviting conviviality, creating atmospheres with an elegant and refined spirit.

Characterized by pure and geometric volumes, the name Daen refers to the elliptical shape of the legs, made of steel and attached to the top with a linear structure with a metal finish. The coexistence of different materials between the legs and the top once again enhances the company’s mastery in creating material and aesthetic contrasts that dynamically dialogue with each other, also declined for the storage furniture.

Sideboard and credenza echo the styles of the tables with the introduction of an additional soft-touch material that gives personality and uniqueness to the complement. The doors are upholstered in water-repellent faux leather fabric with an irregular texture that gives three-dimensionality to the surface. In contrast, the legs are defined by a minimal aesthetic in reference to the tables of the same collection.

Gervasoni’s Yelek chairs, on the other hand, are designed by Federica Biasi. A Turkish term for vest, the design, inspired by a tailored jacket, captures the soft, flowing movements characteristic of the drawstring that allows each garment to adapt with ease to the person wearing it.

With the same philosophy of the entire collection devoted to attention to detail as the world of haute couture, Yelek is defined by a drawstring integrated into the structure that is discreetly revealed on the shell-shaped backrest. A versatile and sophisticated proposal for the dining area, it is designed to be “dressed” by a padding that, recalling the effect of a down comforter, envelops the wooden core while intermittently allowing a glimpse of the structure.

Material and Aesthetic Contrasts

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