A Designer’s Loft in SoHo

An industrial-chic style environment in the heart of New York’s charming SoHo neighborhood, embellished by furnishings designed by Gianfranco Ferré Home.

A Unique Industrial Design Apartment in SoHo

The loft is characterized by the almost total absence of partitions, significant heights, brick walls, and large windows that let in natural light, elements typical of a former factory-turned-living space, adding charm and character to an exclusive development that tells the story and inspirations of the architect who elected to make it his residence.

Originally from Paris but deeply in love with the “Big Apple,” the young professional has brought the eclecticism and creativity typical of New York to his home studio, a privileged place where he can reconnect with himself and the world, where he can be inspired by beauty and where he can step away and prepare himself for new ideas and projects.

In a fluid environment designed for the architect-designer’s broad, dynamic, inclusive way of living, there are alternating spaces designed to host informal cocktail parties, places for reflection and concentration where it’s possible to focus on work, and areas designed for maximum relaxation.

A space with attention to every detail that sacrifices nothing to comfort and where the architect’s interests and passions are each uniquely reflected: design, contemporary art, nature reflected in the windows of the winter garden, and jazz music, the soundtrack of convivial evenings as well as moments of rest.

In the bright environment with an eclectic appeal, the metropolitan atmosphere is warmed by the color palette composed of neutral and delicate tones in shades of beige and brown. The juxtaposition of different materials, furniture with a bold character, and vintage pieces create a unique mix that tells the story of the landlord’s character and ambitions.

The New York Living Style of Gianfranco Ferré Home

In the living area, a large open space illuminated by the abundant light from the windows and enhanced by the winter garden usable from the stained-glass windows, prominent furnishings with diverse styles are prominent. Placed at center stage, the large modular Seattle sofa is a bold statement of contemporary metropolitan style.

The softness and sensuality of the shapes, fabrics, and leathers, meet the geometric precision of the tabletops in a harmonious blend of lines, textures, and colors, perfectly balancing aesthetics, comfort and function.

The retro style of the Kalamaja armchairs, in typical Mid-century style, accentuates the charm of the conversation area, further enhanced by the elegant and discreet presence of the Times Square modular coffee tables and the side composition of Lowery side tables.

A dividing element between the living and dining areas, Doppler reinvents the style and function of a traditional piece of furniture such as the console table, giving it a bold personality thanks to the contrast between the Tay wood top and the lightweight structure with cylindrical sections in a black finish. Its eclectic elegance accompanies toward the dining area, at the center of which is the Rockefeller dining table-a sculptural piece of furniture with a contemporary aesthetic, characterized by the contrast between the solidity and sturdiness of the travertine marble legs and the softness and lightness conveyed by the Tay wood top with rounded profiles.

The Harlem chairs, with their slender, light structure, tapered legs, and dynamically shaped wraparound back, complete the ensemble with a metropolitan character. Completing the area is the Fitzroy bookcase, made of travertine marble, brass, and smoked glass, which, with its 1970s look, embodies the industrial style that runs through the entire collection.

Connecting and harmonizing the diverse functional areas of the loft, several peaceful and quiet corners dedicated to reading and work are recreated through the use of comfortable and inviting seating such as the daybed from the Phoenix line, which captivates with its essential lines and vintage charm.

The dormeuse leads the way into the sleeping area, which is dominated by the welcoming presence of the Clapton bed, characterized by a warm and sensual elegance, emphasized by the presence of two large cushions covered in leather with contrasting piping. The King’s Cross pouf with capitonné work, positioned at the end of the bed, adds an elegant element with timeless appeal, while the Douglas chandelier with glass spheres and bronzed brass frame lends a retro note to the ensemble.

Gianfranco Ferré Home

A Designer’s Loft in SoHo

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