Chef Antonello Sardi Brings his Artistry to Hotel Villa Fiesole

The boutique charm hotel in the beautiful Tuscan village of Fiesole, affiliated with FH55 Hotels, houses the elegant and romantic panoramic restaurant “Serrae di Villa Fiesole,” which, since January, has a new chef, marking a promising new beginning.

Antonello Sardi has already earned the Michelin star three times in his career and will bring a new allure to the restaurant that complements the excellence of the structure.

Antonello Sardi, a self-taught Florentine chef born in 1980, trained in Florentine and Tuscan kitchens, reflects his origins in his dishes. He is known for his visceral connection to nature, knowledge of the territory, and use of local raw materials, even earning a Michelin star for sustainability.

In his professional experiences, he consistently brings creativity, sophistication, innovation, and incredible attention to detail to the table. His skill in plating, mastery of cooking techniques, and dedication to excellence have earned him prestigious awards, including two Michelin stars and a Green Michelin star for sustainable cuisine.

“The signature of the renowned Michelin-starred chef Antonello Sardi at the restaurant ‘Serrae di Villa Fiesole’ is a significant step in our constant commitment to providing a high-level gastronomic experience at FH55 HotelsGroup facilities. His skill, creativity, and passion for the art of cooking align perfectly with our vision of excellence. We are excited to welcome the skillful chef to our team and further elevate the prestige of our hotel’s dining, offering our guests an unforgettable gastronomic journey,” says Claudio Catani, Vice President Operations of FH55 Hotels Group.

Antonello Sardi’s resume highlights impeccable inventory management, staff training and supervision, the creation of exclusive menus, and careful supplier selection to ensure the highest quality of ingredients. Additionally, the chef boasts commendable experience in the food and wine industry, marked by significant milestones in his career.

To understand the elegant lines of his dishes and the philological rigor in execution, it’s enough to know his mentor: Chef Enrico Bartolini. Their meeting in 2010 changed Sardi’s career, giving him a significant opportunity. Bartolini placed him as a chef at Podere Forte in Rocca d’Orcia, leading to a series of successful experiences.

In 2014, a star from the prestigious guide arrived when he was the Executive Chef in Florence at Bottega del Buon Caffè, just a few years into his career. In 2019, shortly after taking the lead at Virtuoso Gourmet Restaurant at Tenuta Le Tre Virtù, a luxury relais in Mugello, he immediately earned a Michelin star, followed the next year by the Green star for sustainability.

“I am excited to embark on this new adventure, representing an extraordinary opportunity for me to share my passion for cooking and create unforgettable gastronomic experiences for all guests. I look forward to advancing my vision, expressing my dedication in the world of gastronomy, and transforming every dish into a work of art to satisfy the most refined palates,” declares Chef Antonello Sardi.

Hotel Villa Fiesole

Chef Antonello Sardi Brings his Artistry to Hotel Villa Fiesole

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