Il Circolino Restaurant in Monza: A Culture Club of Good Taste

Inspired by the era of culture clubs that sprung up during the early 1900s, where patrons could enjoy socializing while enjoying drinks and food, Il Circolino, a concept restaurant in Monza located at No.4 Via Anita Garibaldi, re-interprets the same spirit of participation in a modern key, hosting under one roof a gourmet restaurant, a café, and a cocktail bar.

A proposal embodied in the tagline Club del Gusto, or the place of good eating, good drinking and conviviality. An exceptional club and restaurant in Monza, whose cuisine bears the signature of starred chef Claudio Sadler while the drink list has been designed ad hoc by internationally renowned mixologist Filippo Sisti, for an unparalleled food and wine experience.

The project originated from the idea of three entrepreneurs from Brianza-Mario and Stefano Colombo, father and son, and Federico Grasso – who joined forces to bring back a historic location in the city that had remained unused for years, creating a family -owned, upscale establishment where fine dining blends with the local area.

“For Circolino, I was looking for a location that would be characterized by a unique and familiar atmosphere, to be enjoyed quietly. I wanted to give life to a place far from the “one bite” idea of the usual venues, with a high-level food and beverage offer that would reside in my city, Monza, and make it a gastronomic destination,” comments Stefano Colombo, founder and partner of the restaurant.

All Day at Il Circolino Restaurant in Monza

The venue, in keeping with the idea of the typical city club open all day, comes alive starting with breakfast with sweet recipes, strictly artisanal, to be enjoyed at the counter or table. Also in the café, there is a quick lunch and dinner offering, with international influences, that brings conviviality to the table through dishes that take up the idea of Spanish tapas, such as the Iberian carpaccio or the crispy jamón croquetas to commemorate the time spent in Spain of the kitchen team led by resident chef Lorenzo Sacchi and F&B Manager Maria Sainz.

To end the week at its best, Sunday brunch, with great international classics such as pancakes, French toast or Eggs Benedict served or with salmon, for a slower but no less mouth-watering awakening.

The café’s simpler offering is flanked by the more structured one at Ristorante by Sadler, where the chef’s workhorses and great Milanese classics wink at influences from around the world with great attention to the quality and seasonality of raw materials. “I love tradition, but also modernity, and I think the cuisine is a mix between these two extremes,” comments chef Claudio Sadler, a partner in the project.

It is precisely this dialogue between the past and present that runs through the restaurant in Monza in the concept and in the recipes that pay homage to the land and are revisited in form and flavor by Chef Sacchi. Prominent among the dishes on the menu are proposals with sophisticated pairings such as Mediterranean bluefin tuna with jamón iberico dashi seaweed and caviar for that ethnic twist or, in the first courses, hand-pulled pasta candles filled with hare royale and savory eel. Among the main courses, meat and fish recipes and, of course, Milanese rib-eye steak accompanied by potato, lemon cream and barbecued lettuce.

Enhancing the signature cuisine is an unparalleled drink list with 10 recipes, specially created by internationally renowned barman Filippo Sisti. “The signatures designed for Il Circolino narrate a journey through the history of mixing and want to bring to Monza the result of my experiences in the world of international mixology.”

To be tasted on stools facing the bar like an English bar, at the café or in the outdoor garden, the drinks combine the most unusual ingredients to enhance their scents in an unexpected mix. Among the offerings are the “Meneghino” – in homage to the capital of the aperitif -, “Sexy Knees” – made with premium gin and smoked beet – and “Cesar Sour” – where Tequila blends with the citrus notes of bergamot -.

Inspired by historic Italian circles and refined English clubs, Il Circolino downplays the luxury with a bohemian-inspired design that recalls the board game theme and, amidst antiqued mirrors, velvet seating and 1970s-style shelves, drops guests into an incomparable atmosphere made up of balances between the different environments. Dulcis in fundo, the romantic garden lounge overlooking the Lambro River offers a unique space in downtown Monza perfect for lingering between courses while sipping sophisticated drinks.

Il Circolino

Il Circolino Restaurant in Monza: A Culture Club of Good Taste

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