Induction Cooking: 5 designer cooktops

Low environmental impact, even heat distribution and precision cooking: induction cooktops represent the future of cooking in terms of technology, safety and sustainability. Here are five design solutions.

Gaggenau CX Full Induction Cooktop

Creativity and full freedom of movement reigns in the kitchen with Gaggenau‘s signature Cx Full Induction cooktop.

An innovative product that places no limits on the range of action in food preparation: the Cx Full Induction hob, in fact, accommodates up to six pots and pans, providing great comfort and absolute autonomy, giving freedom to the imagination.

A single intelligent surface enables the most complex and elaborate cooking thanks to special microinductors positioned under the glass-ceramic slab – 48 in the 80 cm model and 56 in the 90 cm model – capable of recognizing and heating any type of support placed on it. Sophisticated electronic software reads, via the hob, the position, shape, size and tilt of the pan, in addition to precise control of settings and power through a simple and intuitive TFT touch control display.

As a result, it becomes possible to create exclusive dishes by taking advantage of the technical principles of the restaurant world. ‘Professional cooking’ and ‘dynamic cooking’, in fact, are features with which Gaggenau’s Cx Full Induction is equipped, divided into the three preset power sections, namely high, medium and low: just as in professional kitchens, where you work at a fast pace, you make quick gestures by simply moving the pot between the different power areas without the need to interact with the control panel.

Also top of the line are the aesthetic performance, as well as the functional performance, available in two variants: flush-mounted, for amplified formal cleanliness, or countertop-mounted, understated and refined. When equipped with Gaggenau’s 3 mm laser-cut stainless steel frame, Cx Full Induction can be combined with the Vario 400 series hobs, such as gas wok, Teppan Yaki and electric grill.


Brera Falmec induction cooktop

On the countertop, Falmec’s Brera aspirating induction cooktop looks like an essential element that conceals a concentrate of technology, with excellent aspiration performance, quietness and energy efficiency.

Its configuration also offers a large, versatile and uniform cooking surface. The cooking and extraction areas are united by a monochrome glass, marked only by a thin slit that defines the two areas. When in operation, the back automatically opens to draw in cooking fumes. In filtering version, Brera is equipped with Carbon.Zeo filters that can be inserted directly from the top, with maximum practicality in maintenance.


Smeg Area Vivo Screen Max Induction Cooktop

Smeg’s Area Vivo Screen Max SIA1963D and SIA1963DS induction cooktops are the perfect solution for the consumer looking for freedom and flexibility of use with the ability to use up to six different sized pots and pans. Available in Black and Silver colors, the Area induction hobs lend themselves to a perfect match with Smeg’s Dolce Stil Novo and Linea lines of appliances.

Featuring a Glassy ceramic glass surface with underglaze silk-screening, Smeg induction hobs have a far greater gloss than traditional induction glass and are totally even, for quiet, smooth pan movement and easy cleaning.

In addition to its eye-catching design, the Area induction cooktop features innovative technologies to suit every need. High-resolution 7” TFT controls offer a wide range of customizable functions. The display shows pan position, size and shape for easy and intuitive control of the hob, and the Follow Pot function allows pans to be moved freely on the hob while maintaining initial settings, without having to stick to preset cooking areas. In addition, the Auto-pot detection function is designed to automatically recognize the position of pans on the hob, saving the user from having to activate the correct area.

In addition to traditional cooking functions, the Area TFT induction cooktop is equipped with independent timers and dedicated functions to maximize control over preparation, including the ability to melt ingredients at 44°C, temperature hold at 70°C, and boil function at 92°C.

The presence of innovative technologies also relates to energy conservation. The Area induction hob, in fact, is equipped with the Eco-Logic Advance system that allows its power to be moderated to 2400 W and all setting parameters to be customized to meet every need and ensure maximum flexibility of use.


AEG TotalFlex Induction Cooktop

Versatile and technological, AEG’s TotalFlex cooktop represents a revolution in cooking: its responsive glass surface automatically senses the cooking zone, adapting to pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. Each pan can be moved to manage food preparation with the greatest agility, with the assurance that every preparation is cooked to perfection.

Indeed, AEG technology allows the cooking process to be uninterrupted and not limited to employing predefined zones, thus providing maximum freedom and flexibility.

After placing pots and pans on the hob, Active Touch controls automatically light up, showing the settings available to the user. For example, the Bridge function allows two adjoining cooking areas to be connected and controlled as if they were one larger zone. For rapid heat expansion, on the other hand, simply select the PowerBoost function, which brings a liter of water to a boil in just three minutes and is also ideal for browning meat. Finally, with the Hob2Hood function, it is possible to cook in a fresh, odor-free environment: thanks to the built-in wireless connection between cooktop and hood, the latter is activated automatically by adjusting the suction speed according to the level of cooking in action.


Lapitec Chef induction cooktop

A cooking system completely concealed under the 100% natural sintered stone top that emerges only when used, maintaining formal cleanliness and minimal lines in the kitchen: Lapitec Chef, the invisible induction cooktop.

Thanks to a Lapitec patent, actually, the cooking area, when turned off, returns to being a safe work surface where any activity can be carried out.

Lapitec Chef is activated by a technological cooking pad, covered by a patent and developed for the electrothermal part in collaboration with the University of Padua.

The operation of Lapitec Chef is simple: placing the special silicone pad on the top activates the touch controls that allow the system to be turned on, from two or four burners. In the absence of the pad, however, the induction cooktop and its controls are inactive, safe and impossible to turn on unintentionally.

The top then remains completely free-standing, distinguished only by a display and small engravings that emphasize the full-mass nature of the material (free of digital prints on the surface). Features that not only facilitate cleaning, but also allow the countertop to be used for other activities, from food preparation and plating to hosting convivial moments. Lapitec is also non-porous, non-absorbent and resistant to chemicals; an ideal support in kitchen settings, both indoor and outdoor.

The Lapitec Chef cooking pad, on the surface an ordinary silicone mat, is in every way an appliance, equipped with magnetic sensors and a hidden coil. Compatible with all induction cookware and especially dishwasher safe, it also allows for bridge and childlock mode operation.

Aesthetically refined and technologically advanced, Lapitec Chef is finally compatible with all colors and finishes in the Lapitec range, making the most of the technical and aesthetic potential of sintered stone.


Induction Cooking: 5 designer cooktops

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