When a Cushion Becomes Design: Meet Pillow by Et al.

Pillow by Et al. takes its place as a unique furnishing focus point characterized by an original design that uniquely combines creativity and irony, ergonomics, and comfort: Pillow by Et al., designed by Andrea Anastasio.

Reflecting on Pillow by Et al.

“Pillow arises from a reflection on the need for breaks, rest that manifests itself throughout the day, and from the observation of convivial modes and social rituals of humans in different cultural contexts,” says designer Andrea Anastasio. “Travel, the study of nomadic cultures in Asia and the Middle East, interest in the changing cultures of aggregation in Western metropolises, made me think about the possibility of combining different ways of ‘being together’ and shaping a seat that allows the broadest possible movement, adapting to the desire for sharing or greater privacy of the user.”

Pillow is much more than a simple sofa pouf: its structure allows it to live freely and autonomously within spaces, representing an independent seat capable of adapting to various furnishing and architectural needs.

The Pillow, the protagonist of Pillow, captures attention at first glance and surprises with its seemingly “unstable” balance, allowing it to be moved with maximum ease and versatility. The variety of colors and textures underlines the product’s distinct personality, seamlessly transitioning from domestic to work environments, from the relaxed dimensions of a lounge to the more dynamic ones of a waiting room.

The iconic collection has also adorned the rooms of the Museo del Novecento in Milan, revealing its chameleon-like nature and offering maximum relaxation, both in the XL version with large cushions for ultimate comfort and the variant with padded backrest for those seeking the same comfort but not willing to compromise on originality.

Et al.

When a Cushion Becomes Design: Meet Pillow by Et al.

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