Il Marchese’s Detox Recipe: Octopus, Pac Choi, Soy, Sesame, and Sea Urchin Mayo

Even in a restaurant dedicated to Roman cuisine like Il Marchese, a healthy option is a must, as demonstrated by Chef Daniele Roppo.

In his menus, he includes a fish recipe with soy mayonnaise, perfect for those looking to get in shape while prioritizing health and reducing cholesterol.

Thus, the Octopus with pac choi, soy, sesame, and sea urchin mayo is born—a blend of taste and health, thanks especially to soy, a food rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D and essential amino acids that pairs well with pac choi, a Chinese vegetable with a delicate flavor, a source of fiber and minerals.

Soy has also been classified as a more antioxidant food than red wine and vitamin C, according to a study from the University of Singapore, making it the ideal ally for those wanting to undergo a detox period.

Ingredients for Il Marchese’s Detox Recipe

Octopus: 1500 g
Pac choi: 4
Soy milk: 100 ml
Vegetable oil: 200 ml
Lemon juice: as needed
Sea urchin roe: 20 g


Begin by cooking the octopus in a pot with not too much water but enough to cover it up to ¾ (the octopus will release its own water). Then, quickly blanch the pac choi and, once cooked, place it in a bowl with water and ice.

Prepare the sea urchin mayo by emulsifying soy milk, vegetable oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and sea urchin roe. Sauté the portioned octopus with a drizzle of oil and then serve it plated with sesame seeds, a splash of soy sauce, and dollops of sea urchin mayo.

Il Marchese

Il Marchese’s Detox Recipe: Octopus, Pac Choi, Soy, Sesame, and Sea Urchin Mayo

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