Purity of Form in Refined Atmospheres: The Fabbian 2023 Collection of Lamps

Among Fabbian’s many 2023 glass lamps, two catch the eye by shifting the focus from the light’s primary function to a sculptural decorative object. 

Both in table version, Làmpara and Plana are characterised by the use of glass that is either cast or blown, which itself becomes a surface to be illuminated. Designed respectively by RSVP/design and Bellavista & Pincini, they are a tribute to a material much loved by the Venetian company which, when hand-crafted, defines soft or geometric shapes and enhances their beauty and functionality by diffusing light in a soft and delicate way. Perfect for suggestive and refined atmospheres.

The Làmpara Collection by RSVP/design

So, if glass lamps have always been the essence of Fabbian, with the Làmpara collection the aim is to enhance its value, beauty, and authenticity. Blown glass in particular results from an artisanal process that makes each piece different from the others even if only in small details: a diversity that makes each lamp unique and exclusive.Làmpara, design RSVP/design, is a small-scale work of art with the ability to add a touch of originality and elegance to any space.

Lámpara is a range of table lamps in one dimension. The diffuser is made from hand-blown glass that is then flattened by master glassmakers; the base is in black anodised aluminium, fixed to the glass with three grains that increase its stability and solidity. The light source is a high efficiency PUSH dimmable LED.

The Plana Collection by Bellavista & Pincini

Also, Fabbian’s search for simplicity leads us, often by way of complex processes, to investigate everything around us. The Plana collection, by Bellavista & Pincini, created from a fascination with flat geometry and polygons. Shapes that are pure and recognisable: a glass square and circle supported by a base that protects and preserves the invisible light source. 

The light is not direct; it brushes across the plate of glass and is only transmitted where it comes into contact with the edge. A new and unusual mode of lighting that creates evocative and unexpected effects.


Purity of Form in Refined Atmospheres: The Fabbian 2023 Collection of Lamps

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