8 Refined Table Lamps that Add a Touch of Class

Sophisticated designer objects and precious sources of light to accompany reading, work, or leisure time. Discover eight creative and elegant table lamps that bring living spaces to life.

Magic Mushroom Diesel Living with Lodes

Magic Mushroom by Diesel Living with Lodes is a table lamp that evokes, thanks to its “mushroom” shape, retro blown-glass lamps but with a hallucinogenic twist.

The object finds a contemporary interpretation thanks to the psychedelic optical effect to which its diffuser refers. Through the use of blown glass, it was possible for Diesel Living with Lodes to give an artisanal touch to the collection.

Magic Mushroom consists of a steel base that houses a blown glass shade. The lamp is available in one size that measures 38 cm. The steel base is black, while the blown glass shade is available in an Aqua finish.The power cord is black, with a dimmer that can be adjusted from the switch.

The transparent effect of the diffuser is made with an aqua-colored effect glass that, through its liquid appearance, creates the illusion of the reflection of water on the wall due to the projection of light filtered through the glass.

Magic Mushroom is a lamp that by style and texture finds its intended use in the home environment, thanks to its design it becomes an elegant and perfect object next to a sofa in a living space or on a sideboard.

Diesel Living

Muse Contardi Lighting

An iconic product designed by Tristan Auer, Muse by Contardi is a lantern with an archetypal design and exquisite details, such as the woven leather handle.

In the rechargeable battery-operated version, ideal for use outdoors and even in the middle of the sea, the light source, placed in a satin-finished acrylic diffuser, creates a dynamic alternation of lines, giving it a modern look while ensuring optimal performance.

Available with a white or matte black lacquered frame and in small, medium, and large versions, the Muse lantern meets the highest standards required by the market to withstand outdoor spaces, salt spray, and all weather conditions, thanks to the use of high-quality materials. It possesses, in fact, IP65 certification, an index of product waterproofing, obtained through the anticorrosive treatment of metals by cataphoresis.

Its elegant and essential appearance, combined with a clever design that ensures its total portability, makes the Muse Battery family an ideal lamp for the nautical sector.

Like every outdoor product from Contardi, Muse guarantees attractive outdoor lighting that is discreet in its footprint, pragmatic and reliable where each lamp becomes a vehicle for unique lighting, both functionally and formally, capable of giving gardens, verandas, terraces and ships, dreamlike atmospheres.


Lucente Visionnaire

Lucente is the lighting design project designed by Gupica for Visionnaire, a collection inspired by the behavior of light as it shatters and reflects off the faceted surfaces of precious stones, creating striking lighting effects.

The diffusing bodies of the lamps, which take on the appearance of colored gems with volumes of sophisticated simplicity, are composed of a first-second material, obtained from the regeneration of PMMA-commonly known as Plexiglass-that is reborn with an entirely new appearance.

The opaque LED light source, passing through the stones, produces diffused lighting that enhances the transparency and coloration, handcrafted with a special gradient appearance. A beam of light radiates into the surroundings, animating the color spectrum.


Valor.S Cassina Table Lamp

“Cassina’s Valor.S is a tribute to Vallauris, a small village on the French Riviera where, after World War II, Pablo Picasso settled with many other artists, including Marc Chagall, Jean Cocteau, Jean Marais, Jean Lurçat, Georges Jouve, and Roger Capron, to reveal to the world the beauty of glazed ceramics,” explains Philippe Starck.

The designer elaborates on this approach with a contemporary and timeless design in hand-painted glazed ceramic. The Valor.S table lamp is particularly distinguished by its smooth, organic shape and vibrant colors that include ivory white, orange, green, gold, and silver.

Valor.S,” continues Starck, “is the rebirth of a creative golden age, interpreting strange and organic shapes decorated with deep and vibrant colors. Forever, like love.”


Ripple Platek 

For illuminating the outdoors and its power of evocation that with the perfect touch becomes abstract and dreamy, Platek’s Ripple lamp is the result of the creative genius of Jan Van Lierde.

Part of the Nessun Dorma catalog, a choral work resulting from the collaboration between the company and JVL Studio, divided into 3 macro-sections (Form, Purify, and Intrigue), Ripple is an expression of the Intrigue section and is described by the Belgian designer with a poetic accent.

“My nights are crowded with dreams and images, which is why I am amazed at those who claim they never dream. Equally fascinating to me is what we call daydreaming, triggered by some factor, often related to nature-the ripple of a body of water, the arrangement of clouds in the sky, the sound of a fire burning in a fireplace. With Ripple, I wanted to metaphorically represent this mysterious process precisely by starting with the concentric circles generated by a body falling into water. They have a magical power over me, that of drawing thoughts away from the mundane,” Jan Van Lierde explains.

In order to translate poetry into light produced by a luminous body, Platek worked on transparent blown glass that defines on the outside of the diffuser a smooth and regular surface, capable of generating abstract reflections, infinite concentric circles with a very wide radius of diffusion compared to the source.

Ripple highlights how much an outdoor light, which must necessarily be technical, can also have a strong decorative appeal and fit into the landscape, through the reflections of light and shadow on surrounding surfaces, whether they are the foliage of a hedge, a wall,l or a textured floor or even furniture.


AR04 Alessi

A scaled-down reduction of the lamppost designed for street lighting in Via Croce Rossa in Milan, the AR04 aluminum table lamp, designed by Aldo Rossi in 1991, returns to the Alessi catalog in an updated version. A micro-architecture table lamp where postmodernist design echoing classical references is married with the contemporaneity of a new technological compartment.


Welcome Driade

Welcome is the latest object of desire created by Fabio Novembre for Driade. It is an accessory born from the needs of the time in which we live where technology has taken over, the same tool performs multiple functions and design becomes an essential part of every element that enters our lives.

Welcome is in fact a portable and rechargeable lamp with direct light emission, but not only. At the same time, it can become a luminous centerpiece or a holder at the entrance to a home. An object that adapts to the environment and the lives of its inhabitants, making welcome its leitmotif.

Available in white, black, and red, Welcome is a dry, almost symmetrical piece that indulges only in a raised decoration on the stem and base that highlights its contemporary forms even more.

“The technology we use in everyday life has led to a hybridization of functions that is now part of our lives. I am no longer sure that a lamp should only bring light,” says Art Director Fabio Novembre. “Perhaps these small tools that flank us in different environments and atmospheres, on a dining table or on a bedside table next to our bed, could also help us welcome other objects, highlight them or simply keep them within reach. Welcome was born from a gesture of inclusion, a happy coexistence of functions for unexpected juxtapositions.”


Jwana Hamdan’s Noora table lamps

Noora, literally “light” in Arabic, features an original design and the presence of a nature-inspired pattern reminiscent of the Jwana Hamdan textile project.

The series includes a portable lantern in two sizes and a floor lamp: both variants feature a laser-cut stainless steel cone diffuser with a taupe shimmer finish, which diffuses light with striking plays of refraction and shadows.

The floor lamp has a minimalist steel structure with a matte black finish, while the lantern (powered by a rechargeable LED source with a long-lasting battery) features a distinctive ring-shaped iroko wood handle matched to the diffuser, which allows the lantern to be installed on the wall, ceiling, or a special floor suspension kit in steel with matte black finish.

Jwana Hamdan

8 Refined Table Lamps that Add a Touch of Class

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