Outdoor Therapy by Varaschin on the Island of Kos

A haven of tranquility in total harmony with the picturesque surrounding landscape overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea: the Blue Lagoon Village Hotel, on the island of Kos, is enriched with outdoor furnishings by Varaschin.

Varaschin and Blue Lagoon Village Kos

Nature is harmony and harmony brings an inimitable feeling of peace to the senses, a concept that lies at the heart of both Varaschin, the brand that has been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 1969, and the Blue Lagoon Village Hotel, the luxurious resort complex near Kos’ magnificent Paradise Beach.

The brand’s Outdoor Therapy finds full expression in the hotel’s splendid and spacious terrace distinguished by a naturalistic style capable of bringing out the bright colors of the furnishings, shaping a lively and welcoming bar area.

The Maat Collection

In the magnificent setting of the island of Kos, the undisputed stars of the space are the small armchairs and lounge chairs of the Maat collection, characterized by a soft design expressed in sinuously shaped, enveloping volumes and a wide-weave synthetic fiber weave with a triangular pattern in different colors.

The choice of the color finish recalls the summer shades of the sea and blends perfectly with the delicate nuances of the structure, in a combination of light and color plays.


Outdoor Therapy by Varaschin on the Island of Kos

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