The Outdoor Varaschin: Where Lightness and Comfort Reside

Furniture for outdoor living created with relaxation and comfort in mind. The Outdoor Varaschin makes gardens, terraces, poolsides and decks an ideal oasis for regenerating in contact with nature.

Varaschin Daybed

Halfway between a sofa and a lounger, the daybed turns out to be one of the most appreciated and requested proposals by architects and designers, thanks above all to its ability to welcome and put people at ease in any situation. This is why the Emma, Emma Cross and Cricket collections are enriched with daybeds that offer the possibility of enjoying from dawn to dusk the beautiful sunny days, alternating rest and activities with a slow pace, such as reading a book or having an aperitif with friends.

One can sit alone or in company on this seat, particularly on the Emma family daybed that was designed by Monica Armani to accommodate multiple people and offer optimal back support for chatting vis à vis or snuggling in the sun, depending on how the backrests are configured –  positioned in the center or on the sides.

The linear, natural mood weave that characterizes the Cricket collection, designed by Anki Gneib, also becomes the guiding motif of the compact daybed, which with its regular, reassuring lines lends itself with versatility to numerous outdoor furniture solutions. For the same collection, a coffee table and a pouf both with a square base also make their entrance, allowing rooms to be completed by making them perfect in every detail.

Closing the trio is the Emma Cross compact daybed, by Monica Armani, which seduces thanks to its wide and scenic backrest, on which a double weave of rope and band, an acrylic webbing upholstered with an elegant central embroidery available in five colors, unfolds. Inspired by the corolla of a flower and the collar of a shirt, the entire collection is played on curved and enveloping lines, a guiding motif that is expressed to the fullest in this furniture, a true protagonist of gardens and terraces.

Lightness Meets Furniture for Outdoor Living

Another fundamental keyword of Outdoor according to Varaschin is “lightness.” A concept that the brand has made its own for some time now, adopting handmade weaving as the main voice of its expressive vocabulary, and that it now experiments with again with Belt Air.

Designed by Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, the collection takes modular sofas from the Belt collection by elevating them with plexiglass or aluminum feet in different colors, which seem to make the seats float in the air. They are also joined by tables, available with different sized tops and distinct bases with the same airy stylistic design.

Made of steel with a protective cataphoresis cycle and powdered finish, therefore, suitable for use in marine environments, the Flexion table, designed by Edoardo Gherardi has a silhouette with soft, flowing lines, ideal for spaces that invite you to enjoy pleasant open-air breaks. Characterized by a curved stem, single or double, Flexion features circular, elliptical or organic shaped tops in different sizes that create ever-changing moods for the dining area.


The Outdoor Varaschin: Where Lightness and Comfort Reside

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