[kn tables] knIndustrie: Where the Kitchen Meets the Table

The knIndustrie exploration into the table continues, offering a personal and contemporary vision rooted in a creative interpretation, linked to a new concept of conviviality.

Through the [kn tables] project, knIndustrie products take center stage in every experience dedicated to the presentation and enjoyment of food.

The Gastronomic Centerpiece, coined by Sabrina Lazzereschi, a food stylist collaborating with knIndustrie, is positioned on the table throughout a meal, an aperitif, or dinner, allowing the easy and elegant serving of dishes. Representing a moment of sharing, the centerpiece transforms into a small stage where food becomes the main actor, also serving as a decorative element resembling contemporary sculpture. Available in various materials like wood, grès, and steel, it is presented in this instance in green glass, suitable for food contact and capable of supporting hot pots or containers.

Functionality transitions from the kitchen to the table with elegance in the form of the Champagne Bowl, a glass piece blending classical and contemporary aesthetics, maintaining sommelier glass characteristics. Besides serving its purpose for tasting exquisite bubbles, it is presented on knIndustrie’s table as a proper serving dish, perfect for holding shrimp cocktails or gazpacho.

Tiles, with their vibrant colors and geometric shapes, serve as small sculptures on the table, made from artisanal glazed handmade extruded manrique grès. These Tiles, with a particular textured finish, can be used as utensil rests or chopstick rests, drawing inspiration from the simplicity of Eastern tables.

The Dem, a 16-piece stainless steel cutlery holder with stone-washed finishes designed by Massimo Castagna, is not only practical in the kitchen but also serves as a display on the work surface for easy access to a complete set of utensils.

Formal cleanliness and simplicity are found in the plate services that embody the idea of presenting a minimalist yet elegant mise en place. With the Asimmetrico collection, designed by Michelin-starred chef Davide Oldani, new elements of great expressiveness bring an international vision to the table. Made from fine bone china, they are available in flat and deep plate versions.

The White Leaves line, with its tone-on-tone decor, delicate and refined, catches attention with graphic signs reminiscent of leaf veins, creating a unique table setting inspired by nature. Three formats are available: flat plate, deep plate, and fruit plate. For a more classic yet timeless design, the Norma Ice cookware collection, designed by Piero Lissoni, stands out.

Made from Triply, a high-tech material with a lifetime warranty, these pieces feature aluminum between two layers of stainless steel, ensuring perfect heat distribution for optimal cooking results. With an opacified finish, all elements of Norma Ice can be brought directly to the table, showcasing their elegance and timeless beauty.


[kn tables] knIndustrie: Where the Kitchen Meets the Table

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