The Sweet Christmas Table by knIndustrie

With its sweet Christmas Table, the [kn tables] project continues, a path of creative interpretation linked to the new concept of conviviality that knIndustrie seeks to express, and in which the creativity of juxtaposing different elements is supported by a theme linked to the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This is how new interpretations of the mise en place come into being, with the aim of generating and conveying a dynamic cue of communication between the objects that dialogue in harmony, and the relationship, sometimes even playful and surprising, that is established between the objects themselves with the diners.

As a result, on the table, knIndustrie products become the protagonists of every experience dedicated to the presentation and enjoyment of food. The elements used to prepare it from the kitchen arrive on the table with elegance, perfect for serving guests.

knIndustrie’s Christmas Table

It is time, therefore, to get ready for Christmas, and it is precisely at this time that the desire to take care of the table and personalize it is ignited more than ever. knIndustrie proposes a table setting with golden highlights, enriched with homemade decorations, such as a touch of edible gold dust. The Christmas table comes alive with soft and delicate lights: creating the warm and enveloping atmosphere is the White Liesivory table lamp, reminiscent of a candle holder, designed as a light point or decorative element that can also be used as a centerpiece and light source.

The mise en place is luminous, played on plates, glasses and tablecloth embellished with golden decorations: the table setting is composed of Armonia Oro plates, Lime Lux in the Tumbler version that shine with burnished reflections, with the Q2 champagne flute next to it, a must-have on the Christmas table. To complete, the glossy Queen S Set cutlery, characterized by an old-fashioned yet still contemporary design.

The centerpiece, with its transparency given by bronze-colored glass, is the star of the Christmas table, designed to serve and present dishes. Alongside cutting boards and trays are transformed into serving elements that decorate the table setting with an original touch. Like In/taglio, which with its elegance is not only a cutting board, but also a plate for presenting nougat, while to facilitate cutting and serving, KN Book cutting boards offer their convenient tabletops.

To serve panettone, the Sculpture Cutting Board enters the scene in all its majesty and materiality, accompanied by soft whipped cream presented in the transparency of The Kettle glass milk kettle. The pentagonal Garçon tray accommodates pitcher and glasses for easy transport and elegant serving.

A Gold-Hued Holiday Table

For knIndustrie, the color gold is the fil rouge of this year’s Christmas table, and it can be found in several of its signature items: the glacette for keeping wine at temperature, the Diario pitcher for serving Vin Brulè – paired with the Lime Line Hot Drink glasses -, both in gold finish, as well as the cake shovel and sauce ladle from the Brick Lane collection in gold.

Also dressed in gold for the occasion is Matrioska, a cocktail shaker that in this case takes on the function of a container for crisp pastry and cookies. The Yellow box in brown and the Foodwear casserole are used as serving elements to present candid fruit and mustard with originality.

And of course, any Christmas lunch or dinner cannot fail to end with a good cup of coffee, flavored with star anise, cinnamon and a dash of grappa, prepared in the iconic Lady Anne White coffee maker, perfect for bringing to the table.


The Sweet Christmas Table by knIndustrie

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