La Vie en Plein Air: HiRay by Kartell

Unprecedented outdoor solutions by Kartell: the HiRay system by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba explores the versatility of metal and the softness of cushions made of 100% recycled material from small bottles, for a highly functional solution.

Kartell’s Technology

Kartell’s technological challenge is always ready to explore novel solutions and materials, and with HiRay by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the protagonist is metal. The brand new outdoor system consists of six pieces: chair, chair with armrests, bistro table, armchair, sofa and side table declined in various colors: black, brick, green and beige. The cushions are made of recycled material from small bottles and pet.

The workmanship takes up the technique of welded wire to create an outdoor collection with an essential and functionalist flavor that carries all the emotion of the sign. The entire project moves on the design of metal wires, which, joining together, stiffen and build the structure, characterized by an organic form that is composed of a single piece.

Kartell’s style is known for always being avant-garde

HiRay reflects Kartell’s attitude, translating their codes into a line that anticipates trends in outdoor living. Kartell’s exploration into new worlds continues with a project that features metal as the protagonist, using the code of lightness and modernity. Designed for life en plein air, HiRay stands out for its high technicality, where the use of wire, in addition to giving rise to sinuous transparencies under the sunlight, creates a three-dimensional design,” say Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.


La Vie en Plein Air: HiRay by Kartell

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