Lalique Crystal Wears Vibrant Blue

A century of art and brilliance: to celebrate the anniversary of its founding, Lalique dresses its most iconic pieces in a romantic and delicate shade of cerulean blue.

This vibrant color, a symbol of eternity and hope, is an invitation to dive once again into the refined world of crystal designed by the famous French brand.

The Bacchantes, Mossi and Languedoc vases and Champs-Élysées cups are now available in an enchanting shade of blue, transformed into true cult objects.

The pure blue nuance is not chosen at random, but evokes the creative genius and craftsmanship of the glassworks founded 100 years ago in Wingen-sur Moder, in Alsace. In fact, the story goes that one day, while René Lalique was with his niece Nicole Maritch in Chartres Cathedral, surrounded by intense and distinctive shades of blue, the latter innocently asked him, “Can you create the most beautiful blue in the world?”

Since then, Lalique’s ties to this majestic hue have continually evolved: azure, Cap Ferrat blue, midnight blue, Persepolis blue, sapphire, turquoise, so many deep and evocative shades that reflect the spirit of the times and celebrate the art of living.

Bacchantes Vase

The iconic design of the Bacchantes vase, featuring intertwined mythological figures, focuses on femininity and voluptuous beauty: an ode to sensuality. High-precision craftsmanship is reflected in the fine grain of the leather. An extraordinarily beautiful piece, combining clear crystal and satin finish, and a play of light that creates a sensual, almost human material.

Mossi Vase

The most captivating, almost hypnotic feature of the crystal Mossi vase is its kaleidoscopic effect. It plays on the contrasts between the brilliance of its cabochons and the satin matte base. An iconic design emblematic of the creative genius of René Lalique.

Champs-Élysées Cup

Drawing inspiration from the wide avenue from which it takes its name, the Champs-Élysées cup is decorated with a subtle pattern of plane tree leaves. Their delicate veining elegantly captures glimmers of light, making this piece a staple of the Lalique collection.

Languedoc Vase

The name evokes the landscape of this sunny region in southern France, which inspired the design of the Languedoc vase, with its accentuated relief and generous proportions. Made of frosted and re-polished crystal, the design plays with a repeated pattern of cactus leaves.

Lalique Crystal Wears Vibrant Blue

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