Lema Contract for Alessi: The Concept Store at Harrods

An unparalleled partnership for an ambitious contract project across the English Channel: Lema has been selected to furnish Alessi’s new concept store inside Harrods, London’s historic luxury department store. AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi, one of the great masters of Italian design, designed the project.

Lema and Alessi

Lema Contract’s technical expertise allowed the division to enter into synergy with the prestigious entities involved, resulting in bespoke proposals capable of translating the design and creative vision of AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi and the client’s needs into a totally custom-made layout.

A turnkey project that saw Lema Contract develop a major wide-ranging intervention on all the physical components of the concept store, from the floor to the checkout counter. An exclusive supply successfully completed, with tailor-made solutions that make the most of every millimeter available to meet the customer’s needs, with 100% customization of the space.

The Alessi Concept Store at Harrods

The result is a concept store of about 30 square meters, which presents itself as the ideal setting to display a selection of more than 200 objects by Alessi. Notable achievements include perimeter wall fixtures that have green lacquered shelves with vertical mirrored dividers alternating with green panels in an oblique direction to create a dynamic effect that gives three-dimensionality to the space and highlights the objects on display.

“We conceived the Alessi store inside Harrods as a large house of cards: small modular panels alternating in typical British green and mirrored, combine in a game of interlocking and reflections, which allows different configurations to be built to highlight the preciousness and uniqueness of Alessi products,” says Davide Angeli, Deputy Managing Director AMDL CIRCLE.

The display table with a glass case made by Lema Contract is designed to enhance the smallest and most precious products: placed in the center of the space, it echoes the symmetries of the surrounding furnishings. Inspired by the characteristic “British green,” the green color chosen for the lacquering of the walls and furnishings of the concept store provides an additional element of visual continuity. Adding character to the space at the entrance of the concept store is an original display tower with a sculptural character,consisting of a vertical structure of smoked glass and green lacquered shelves.

“Surely this is one of the projects that has given us the greatest satisfaction,” comments Angelo Meroni, Chairman of Lema, “for the great teamwork passionately carried out by Lema Contract together with international talents in the field of design and architecture, such as Alessi, AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi, within an extraordinary and iconic place like Harrods.



Lema Contract for Alessi: The Concept Store at Harrods

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