Luca Maroni

Luca Maroni, sensorial analyst of international fame, is the author of Annuario Dei Migliori Vini Italiani (Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines) and patron of the event I Migliori Vini Italiani (The Best Italian Wines). He is also the author of the wine tasting entry in Encyclopedia Treccani, as well as the creator of radio, web, and TV productions. Once a teetotaler, Maroni has become an intent connoisseur of more than 300,000 wines, dedicating the past three decades of his career to establishing an objective method for understanding wine. The result of his study is the Synaesthetic Sensory Wheel, a tasting method that represents an orchestra of scientific assonances and correspondences, never conceived of before. He also founded the first Italian ampelographic museum, VITIGNO ITALIA, housing 154 autochthonous vines. The project, located in the Botanical Garden of Rome and created in cooperation with La Sapienza University, is aimed at the preservation, development, and diffusion of knowledge of the Italian wine culture.