A Luxurious Weekend Among the Vineyards and Flavors of Villa Cordevigo

Close your eyes and step into the charm of an ancient Italian villa, surrounded by a magical landscape, elegant rooms, exquisite dining, amazing wines, and even a pool and spa. Now open your eyes and read along for a weekend break at the five-star Italian luxury Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais & Spa – a Venetian villa dating back to the eighteenth century immersed in the green of one hundred hectares of vineyards and olive groves.

A Weekend of Italian Pampering

Owned by the Delibori and Cristoforetti families, Villa Cordevigo is an enchanted location in the province of Verona perfect to spend a relaxing weekend of comfort and taste in a prestigious estate, right in the heart of Italy’s Bardolino wine-producing region.

Having crossed the long drive lined with cypress trees, guests are greeted by the beautiful Italian garden and the original manor house dating back to the Renaissance, guarded by two lateral barchesse. The residence is surrounded by a vast park of secular trees, cypresses, sycamores, and horse chestnuts – a green oasis where visitors can relax and enjoy the outdoor area in perfect harmony with nature.

The Villa features 35 spacious rooms and suites, each one different from the other, where guests can lay back after a spa session or after a restorative walk along the paths of the park. 

Naturally, there is no shortage of quality Italian wine experiences: the extensive wine cellar is a temple for tastings of fine wines to be sipped by the pool, sitting in the garden surrounded by the estate’s own Villabella vineyards.

Gourmet Dining

Villa Cordevigo is also synonymous with gourmet Italian cuisine: the Michelin star restaurant Oseleta is located here, a delightful location surrounded by the park and vineyards, in the magical atmosphere of an ancient patrician residence.

Led by chef Marco Marras and his “polyphonic cuisine,” as he himself has defined it. Oseleta expresses a fresh culinary philosophy where each voice and gesture stands out while maintaining an enveloping harmony.

The young chef, originally from Bosa on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, proposes a cuisine that narrates his land of origin and preserves the flavors of the places in Italy and around the world where he has worked and perfected his craft.  Marras first joined Oseleta as sous chef to Giuseppe D’Aquino, the young chef’s last maestro to whom he credits the merit of having trained him, increasing his technical and organizational skills.

“The cuisine of Marras,” explains Lorenza Delibori, Maître de Maison, “represents a direct link between Veneto and Sardinia – an expression of the embrace between the ancient Sardinian culinary tradition and that of Veneto, which gives rise to an Italian cuisine of genuine and authentic flavors.”

Chef Marco Marras defines his proposal as a mélange of memories of the past, the deep link with the land of his origin, the techniques acquired over the years, and the culinary experiences lived in various countries. Authenticity and purity, the harmony of the Mediterranean territories, and a continuous search for excellence, both technical and artistic, are the key elements of his cooking philosophy.

Flavors and traditions from different Italian territories are combined with local products to create personal and innovative recipes based on tradition. Marras’ dishes release the scent of the balsamic air of the Mediterranean Sea and, at the same time, recall the border between the Venetian countryside with its lakes, rivers, and sea, in a symphony of flavors and sensations, deeply Italian, with influences from the Far East.

Using the most genuine and homemade ingredients is at the heart of quality cooking and is a philosophy intrinsic to the restaurant which has recently planted its own vegetable garden at Villa Cordevigo, continuing to seek ever greater sustainability in the production processes of the kitchens and also in the production of “home-made” ingredients, where home means two great Italian regions with remarkable and exciting biodiversity, Sardinia and Veneto.


A Luxurious Weekend Among the Vineyards and Flavors of Villa Cordevigo

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