Coming Together in the Kitchen: Convivium by Arclinea

An extraordinarily functional and efficient kitchen that invites a sense of togetherness to live with passion the moments spent with family and friends: Convivium by Arclinea is presented again enriched with new elements.

Convivium: The Evolution of the Kitchen

Designed by Antonio Citterio in 2002, Convivium revolutionized the architectural idea of the the most used room in the house, ending the separation of spaces and creating a continuous link between the moment of preparation and the joy of sharing in an open kitchen.

Opening the kitchen space to socialization is in fact the idea that Convivium realizes. Its approach echoes past modes, where cooking was a fundamental part of the pleasure of meeting and sharing, and recasts this connection with a contemporary spirit. Its centerpiece is the extension of the functional island with integrated wooden table, which brings the home back to the kitchen, a place where preparation and conviviality meet.

A Kitchen that is the Heart of the Home

“Each of my projects with Arclinea has sought to interpret the evolution of living, to provide answers to new ways of experiencing the kitchen environment,”explains Antonio Citterio. “In the case of Convivium, the concept coincides with the idea of the kitchen as a place of conviviality.

Present in the tradition, and in particular the Italian tradition, this reality was challenged in the 1960s and 1970s, when an idea of a kitchen dedicated only to preparation, therefore isolated from the rest of the house, became widespread. Therefore, with the Convivium project we wanted to represent a model of kitchen environment that is new and at the same time ancient, a place to live the preparation and consumption of food through a shared experience, rich in exchange and emotional value.”

The Convivium Project

The basis of the Convivium project is undoubtedly the integration between the kitchen’s operating block and the table, adding to the sense of flow offered by the open kitchen concept.

“I remember the moment when we found the solution in Arclinea: the process happened empirically in the company’s prototype area, a place where I like to work and where I often had valuable insights,” continues Antonio Citterio. “In addition to suggesting a richer and more complete living experience, this solution made it possible to concentrate functions and thus optimize space. An aspect that proved decisive for the success of Convivium: today, in fact, the open home typology, with no separation between the kitchen, dining and living areas, is very common.”

In the new model, the door with integrated handle contributed to the essential aesthetics of the design. Its success is underscored by the wide variety of materials and finishes in which it is available today.

The place of conviviality: Convivium by Arclinea


An original and distinctive component of Convivium is Up&Down, an unprecedented version of peninsula table that, thanks to a special mechanism, can reach two different heights, functional for consumption and preparation activity. Immediately highly appreciated, this solution has contributed to accentuate the innovative value and versatility of Convivium, as an answer to the different needs of contemporary living. Today the Up&Down option is available for the peninsula table from the Era System table collection in an updated version, with an exclusive design and a more practical and efficient mechanical system.

The Arclinea Collection is delineated as a complex whole, composed of models and integrated systems, constantly evolving.

New Pocket System

“In the case of Convivium, in the development of the project we entrusted an important role to the columns with retractable New Pocket System doors, which with their equipped compartments support the central island, thus ensuring ideal operability,” says Antonio Citterio. “Over time the system has been perfected from a technical and functional point of view and has been enriched with new solutions and equipment. Of course, like every component in the collection, it is a system that is transversal to all models.”


Coming Together in the Kitchen: Convivium by Arclinea

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