Add a Sense of Luxurious Exoticism with Fratelli Boffi’s Step Into the Wild

The mastery and eclecticism of Fratelli Boffi are protagonists in a completely new and unpredictable guise with the brand’s “Step Into the Wild” furniture collection, which adds refined animalier motifs to luxury design for interiors that offer a sophisticated edginess.

Step Into the Wild with Fratelli Boffi

The distinctive character of the company, which is based on masterful woodworking, precious detailing, and the embodiment of classic and luxurious living, shows an unprecedented expression of savoir-faire by exalting its long tradition of cabinet-making, overturning the patterns of living, and reinterpreting the company’s philosophy with an irreverent and ironic twist.

Furniture that disrupts the aesthetics of contemporary European living, introducing it to an exotic dimension: two worlds apparently very far apart, that of furniture and that of wild nature, find a connection in Fratelli Boffi creations, where colors and animalier motifs combine with a design of simple volumes and lines,enhancing the finishes and emphasizing the eclectic soul of the brand, with inlay and carving, almost forgotten processes, becoming the absolute protagonists.

Masai Fratelli Boffi

Masai is a wooden dining table with important dimensions, strong visual impact, and a highly decorative aesthetic. Reminiscent of the 1980s, it characterizes the geometric design of this table where the rectangular top, decorated with an extraordinary inlay reproducing the spotted coat of a giraffe, is supported by four truncated cone legs finished with a particular chiseled workmanship that accentuates its natural irregular aesthetics.

Masai is a table that blends luxurious animalier decorations, a motif that transcends fashions and eras, along with deco workmanship typical of the 1930s. The tabletop, more than three meters long, is inlaid with bois de rose and bois de violette essence and finished with a solid mahogany frame. The legs in Canaletto walnut, with a solid dark stain finish, end with a purple lacquered backstop that complements the natural tones of this singular table with a hint of irony and color.

Fine materials and sophisticated workmanship make Masai a table designed for demanding and ostentatious residential interiors, while maintaining the elegance and refinement typical of all Fratelli Boffi production.

Triboo Fratelli Boffi

The pair of Triboo stools, extremely simple in their design, nevertheless reveals a strong aesthetic impact. In fact, the bentwood complements are entirely veneered with quirky and eccentric animalier-decorated inlays, in stark contrast to the linear geometry of the stem, designed as a cylinder, dry and discreet.

Triboo is offered with two different decorative themes: Triboo Tiger has an inlay reproducing the camouflage coat of a tiger made of oak, bleached maple, and fine madrona burl, an antique wood with a compact texture, and is complemented by vivid pastel orange lacquer details; Triboo Zebra, on the other hand, is covered with an inlay inspired by the black and white striped coat of zebras, made of black-stained carbalho wood and madrona burl, and complemented by zinc yellow lacquer details.

Triboo is an informal seat that can be used around a table but also as freestanding furniture in extreme freedom, adapting to different uses and environments.

Pemba Fratelli Boffi

Lorenza Bozzoli’s eclectic élan designs Pemba, an armchair with a geometric allure and retro-inspired design that is soft and welcoming. Pemba is a cocoon armchair that welcomes the body by enveloping it with a feeling of great softness, a sensation accentuated by the natural long-haired fur upholstery.

Consisting of two elements, seat and base, in dimensional balance but with strong material contrast, Pemba features a truncated pyramidal wooden base with beveled edges and finished in precious bronze-colored silver leaf, which connects to a soft and compact upholstered swivel seat.

The seat and back, upholstered in polyurethane foam at different densities, have a geometric matrix with an angular design and are upholstered in camel-colored Mongolia, which gives the entire armchair a primitive, wild aesthetic. Thanks to the geometric and angular design, two armchairs can be placed side by side to make a small sofa with arms. Pemba can also be customized and upholstered with all the fabrics in the collection.

Wild Fratelli Boffi

Wild is a collection of unconventional-looking sofas with a soft shape, harmonious and slightly transgressive lines, whose salient feature is casual elegance.

Characterized by a 1930s-inspired design, Wild sofas are composed of a curved mahogany veneer wood base, dry and drawn, which supports the soft, composed upholstered elements. A single seat cushion, padded with polyurethane foam in different densities, binds to the back cushion, which is supported by a rigid wooden frame, also upholstered.

Wild is available in two different versions: Wild Side extends into the base to design a side table with a top veneered with a giraffe spotted inlay made of bois de rose and bois de violette essence; Wild Back, on the other hand, is completed on the back by a geometric wooden storage unit with two hinged doors, both superficially veneered with the same incredible giraffe spotted inlay.

The upholstered elements are covered with a rich jacquard velvet that offers an enigmatic spectacle in its decoration-a reading between a depiction of tigers and a cartography of unknown places. The pattern is open to subjective interpretations and complements Wild sofas with a strong personality. Wild can be customized with all the inlays and upholstery in the collection.

Getir Fratelli Boffi

Enriching the sofa area is the Getir coffee table, a rectangular coffee table in front of the sofa with a strong geometric component and important volumes. Getir is a contemporary furniture element with an essential line, equipped with a large support surface, made of wood that is entirely veneered.

The top is decorated with an inlay reproducing the camouflage coat of a tiger made of oak, bleached maple and refined madrona burl, while the rest of the volume is covered in madrona burl. The set-back base lifts and lightens the rigorousness of the monolith. Getir is an informal coffee table in its design but highly decorative in its finish; it fits into the living environment by contrasting its sharp geometries with the soft curves of Wild sofas.

Kenia Fratelli Boffi

Again based on a design by Lorenza Bozzoli, here is the Kenia sideboard, a low cabinet designed to furnish the living and dining area with good taste and a hint of the eclectic.

Defined by sharp lines and important thicknesses, Kenia is designed with sober and essential lines, with an extremely geometric matrix, and stands out in the domestic scene for its refined workmanship and finishes. In fact, Kenia is made entirely of Canaletto walnut with a natural finish and chiseled workmanship.

The chiseled workmanship transforms this sideboard into an object with a primitive and strongly textured appearance. The design includes drawers and storage compartments with hinged doors making Kenia a functional as well as decorative piece of furniture. The aesthetics of this sideboard are further enhanced by five striking egg-shaped feet finished in bronzed silver leaf, further accentuating its zoomorphic spirit.

Kigelia Fratelli Boffi

Illuminating the Fratelli Boffi collections is Kigelia, a rigorous floor lamp with a strong geometric design. It consists of a stem with modular elements repeated in the shape of a rhombus, made of solid wood with a dark national walnut finish, and a classic cylindrical lampshade with a parchment effect. The wooden stem is supported by an elegant bronzed brass square base. Kigelia is a sober lamp that expresses its elegance in the choice of materials and finishes, and thanks to its discreet character it can be placed in domestic and contact settings.

Theba Fratelli Boffi

Theba’s line of accessories, comprised of a floor lamp and wall lamp, is strongly archaic and textural to the eye. Theba illuminates and decorates the environment with a gentle light but with a strong aesthetic in its geometric design. Made of dark-stained Canaletto walnut with a chiseled finish, the collection is complemented by a parchment-effect lampshade that softens its character with a soft light. The floor lamp, designed as a monolithic column, stands on a metal pedestal finished in precious bronzed silver leaf.

Fratelli Boffi

Add a Sense of Luxurious Exoticism with Fratelli Boffi’s Step Into the Wild

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