The Magic of Capri at Hotel La Minerva

Welcome to Capri – Italy’s beautiful island at the southern entrance of the Bay of Naples just across from Sorrento on the famed Amalfi Coast. An oasis of breathtaking views, dramatic scenery, and picturesque towns, Capri has long been a jewel for those seeking an exclusive holiday by the sea. The magic of the island has beckoned to seaside holiday seekers for centuries, known as a resort location even during the time of the Romans when both Augustus and Tiberius built vacation villas here. Capri calls up images of dreamy sea views, sun-drenched terraces, the sparkling Blue Grotto, elite boutiques, fragrant citrus trees, summer breezes, and lovely beaches. There is a good reason why its lure has lasted through the ages.

Hotel La Minerva

Planning a stay on Capri also conjures up a desire for the warmth of traditional Mediterranean hospitality and characteristic locations, which can both be found at the recently renovated Hotel La Minerva set amid the island’s natural beauty. With just 19 rooms, it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation.


La Minerva combines modern elements with the typical architecture of the island of Capri: the characteristic handmade majolica floors, the elegant vaults, the arches, and the numerous ceramic decorations. The rooms, most with terraces, are distributed over six floors that descend gently towards the sea. The view of the sea and the greenery welcomes guests through the large windows of the entrance – the same view that can be enjoyed from almost all the suites, the pool, and the roof.


The pool, for the exclusive use of the guests, is nestled in a small garden oasis with beautiful natural landscaping. Like an intimate treasure chest overlooking the sea, it’s surrounded by flowers, citrus trees, and bougainvillea. Monte Solaro, the hill of Castiglione, and the ancient Carthusian monastery of San Giacomo, dating back to the 1300s, serve as the backdrop to the pool’s mirror of blue water.


For anyone who wants to combine a stay of relaxation and wellness, the hotel has a comfortable massage room, the ideal spot for getting rid of stress, and gym facilities as well.


Its exclusive dining experience on the hotel’s magnificent terrace overlooking the sea is another charming moment for guests to enjoy. The setting is particularly romantic, with just four tables tucked away in a relaxing atmosphere with soft music and gentle lighting.


The menu, curated by young chef Salvatore De Vivo and pastry chef Mario Esposito Afeltra, presents a selection of traditional dishes enhanced by a touch of innovation and special care for the quality of the fresh ingredients. For those who want to experiment with tantalizing combinations, dinner is accompanied by the signature cocktails created by bartender Lorenzo Zaino from Capri – each original drink inspired by the island itself.


A stay on Capri is like no other. Genuine, luxurious, relaxing, delicious – it’s the place that warm Mediterranean dreams are made of.

The Magic of Capri at Hotel La Minerva

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