Mandarin Risotto with Scampi Carpaccio

Created by Chef Heinz Beck, the three-starred Michelin chef, Mandarin Risotto with Scampi Carpaccio, with its heady scent of citrus fruit, is a refreshing take on one of italy’s favorite dishes.

Ingredienti per 4 persone

Scampi: 12
Carrot: 1
Celery stalk: 1
Small onion: 1
cherry tomatoes: 10
Mandarins: 1 Kg
Risotto rice: 280 g
Butter: 30 g
White wine: 80 ml
Edible flowers: to taste
Mint leaves: to taste


For the scampi carpaccio

Peel the scampi, cut them in half and remove the dorsal thread. Place three in a food bag and beat until a carpaccio is obtained.

For the scampi base

Thoroughly clean the scampi shells and cut the vegetables into small pieces. Sauté the vegetables in extra virgin olive oil and then drain the oil. Add the scampi shells and herbs and bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes and then strain.

For the risotto

Squeeze the mandarins and heat 500 ml of juice together with 400 ml of scampi stock. Brown the rice in a pan with the butter. Add the white wine and cook slowly, stirring occasionally; add the shellfish stock and mandarin juice until cooked through.


Spread the risotto on a plate and top with the scampi carpaccio; garnish with the edible flowers and mint leaves.

Chef Heinz Beck

Mandarin Risotto with Scampi Carpaccio

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