A Matter of Transparency

The new Marzotto Interiors brand, which recently made its debut as the sole brand for the Redaelli Velluti and Prosetex companies, has been chosen by the artist and designer duo Draga&Aurel to dress some of the new Transparency Matters furniture collection with its fabrics and velvets.

A Hybrid Collection Draped in Marzotto

Transparency Matters, is a hybrid collection of handmade pieces, a ground for experimentation and a meeting point between art and design that are inspired by the exuberant creativity of the 1970s.

Loosely inspired by Joe Colombo’s Elda, the BEBA armchair looks like a lily pad. The Seventies-style shell is made of fiberglass with a velvet-effect matte finish. The contrasting black border adds character and enhances the curves-a sartorial detail inspired by haute couture corsets, the ultimate expression of femininity. The combination of two Marzotto Interiors velvets of different thicknesses intensifies the softness.

Belfast, satin pile cotton velvet, covers the backrest while the seat cushion is offered in two variants: covered in Mara, fur-effect acrylic velvet, or Alpaca, fine alpaca wool velvet, both high pile.

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A Matter of Transparency

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